About a week ago, we released my review for the first four episodes of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara?, which you can read here. I gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars because it deserves it. The rest of the first season just hit Netflix on the 24th and I rushed to watch the last six episodes that I wasn’t given early access to. Like I said in my previous review, Who Killed Sara? is an “on the edge of your seat” kind of drama that provides some of the best murder mystery writing that I’ve seen in a long time.

A Must-See Thriller Series

While the answer to the question of “who killed Sara?” seemed initially obvious, the show still did a great job in making you wonder if you truly knew the answer. And the finale of season one had you questioning everything – I’m still slightly confused at the curveball we were thrown. I initially thought this show was a one-season contained story, but we see a trailer for a second season at the end – which, comforts me that we’re going to get an answer to the absolute shock we were given in the final few moments.

Such Great Acting

Let’s backtrack a little here. I’ve praised Manolo Cardona and Carolina Miranda for their excellent portrayals as Alex and Elisa. I also have to give praise to the whole cast. How perfectly they crafted these tense situations that kept my eyes glued to the TV at all times. You easily could feel the pain in Rodolfo’s (Alejandro Nones) eyes. You could feel the hurt in Chema’s (Eugenio Siller) voice. And as much as an asshole César was, you couldn’t help, but love how Ginés García Millán was playing him. The feeling of a broken family and children stunted by their father’s toxicity would not have been displayed quite as well if not for Millán’s superb acting.

Who Was Sara?

Many people loved Sara. Alex, of course; as she was his sister. And while the show originally looked as if it would paint Rodolfo as the bad guy, we quickly see that he is just as much of a victim in this story. And he loved Sara as well. Throughout the season, I kept thinking to myself that perhaps Sara wasn’t the best person. That doesn’t take away from her being murdered, but she wasn’t the ethereal angel that Alex painted her as. She was cruel to Chema after discovering he was gay. And she was rude and snobby to Elroy for simply being a worker. And it seems, with the ending and trailer for season two; that we’re going to learn more about Sara. Season one was all about Sara in an abstract sense and who killed her. It seems season two will dive into who she really was.

Rating: 4.5/5

Who Killed Sara? is a phenomenal thriller that has great acting, great scenery, awesome music, and well-written dialogue. There are times, especially towards the end; where the story gets slightly confusing, but I believe everything will be explored and explained in a second season. I think this show is an absolute win and it’s nice seeing a Latin show that isn’t revolved solely around drugs. César was involved in illegal activity, but the show wasn’t about narcotics. It was about family, a huge secret, and betrayal.

I definitely need you all to watch Who Killed Sara? and now I can’t wait for season two!

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