Why is The Walking Dead ending after eleven seasons? That’s probably something you’re asking yourself after you’ve received the news. Now, season 11 hasn’t happened yet. So, you still have 24 episodes to go before the end. And there’s still Fear of The Walking Dead. The Daryl and Carol spinoff show. A new show about kids in TWD universe. The Rick Grimes movie. And so much more TWD – so, it’s not going away forever. The original show is just ending. It’s like when the original Law & Order show ended – SVU is still running strong.

Additionally, there’s still more of season 10 that needs to happen. So, don’t worry. There’s more to come. But, back to the original question. Why? Well, despite claims that TWD could go on for years (as it seemingly is planning to do with the spinoffs), remember so many main characters are gone. I mean, the main character Rick has been gone since season nine. And the show has jumped a lot of time. It seems that TWD wants to do what Game of Thrones didn’t – end well. And before it got played out. I would hate to tell Comicbook.com, but Game of Thrones could have gone many more seasons in order to end things better. The Walking Dead may have needed a Swan Song years ago. But, that’s just me.

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COVID-19 postponing everything also had a huge part in the decision to end things after season 11. With season 11 getting 24 episodes, it’s essentially two seasons in one. Under normal circumstances, there’s 24 episodes would be split into two seasons – bringing the show into season 12. But, they just decided it was easier production-wise to put it all into one.

What do you think about TWD ending?

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