Many people all around the world use VPNs for safer browsing of the net and also secured. Using a VPN has many advantages. In 2021, it was reported that around 31 percent of the total population uses a VPN connection. By using a VPN, your browsing history will be kept safe and also more secured transactions and protection from cybercrimes. The VPN industry is said to reach $31.1 billion in the year 2021. 

Percentage of Men using VPN  Percentage of Women using VPN
62% 38%


Ages younger than 37 75%
Ages from 38-55 25%
Older than 55 16%


What is VPN? 

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. VPN is a program that provides you with online privacy by making you anonymous. It creates a private network from your public internet connection. VPN essentially masks your internet protocol or IP address which can be in normal circumstances tracked to you. So, your online actions in all intent and purpose become virtually untraceable. 

To add more benefits of using VPN, your online transactions and such will become more secure and encrypted ensuring better privacy even more compared to a secured Wi-Fi hotspot. VPN can be used both on your computer or phone. It is very accessible. 

Why is Using VPN While Playing Online Gaming a Good Choice? 

You Can Play at Any Casino Websites

With a VPN, no one will ever be able to track your actual location and that will increase your betting odds. Now you will be able to access any betting site all over the world. When you did not have a VPN, you might have found that many betting sites were restricted or perhaps, some other countries were being offered better odds. 

So, now, with a VPN, you can bet anywhere in your own country. You will now be able to access credit card slots and non GamStop deals that are used to bring in new customers. Some countries have banned gambling and then using VPN becomes the only choice. The best VPN providers allow users to choose servers that are in a wide range of cities. 


This is one of the primary reasons to use a VPN. The purpose as to why VPN was created in the first place was to provide better security. So that the cybercriminals were prohibited from accessing important data or financial transactions. 

  • Say, you are purchasing a new game of placing a bet, then, you will have to enter bank details. Cybercriminals are always trying to hack into these details and transfer your funds to them. Using a VPN will stop any misshapen. 
  • Swatting is one of the serious crimes that can happen. It is sometimes considered to be a funny prank but in reality, it is highly dangerous. Swatting is something gamers do or someone watching a live gambling show decides to call the authorities by telling them that you have held someone hostage or have a weapon. And the police, if they come, are live telecast for the world to see. Using a VPN will mask your location and these dangerous pranks would not take place at all.

Use Gambling Sites from Anywhere 

What happens is that, say, you are abroad, then there is a possibility that you would not be able to access your account. This happens when many sites that are unblocked in your country are blocked in the country you go to. So, it is advantageous to own a VPN service and choose a server close to your country.  

Sometimes, it also happens that you are not able to access a newly released game because you are away from your country. So, using a VPN will allow you to get access to anything. Just change location and you are set.  

Which VPNs to Use? 

Some of the best VPNs for you to use are enlisted here: 

  • NordVPN 
  • SurfShark 
  • ExpressVPN 
  • CyberGhost
  • IPVanish 
  • PrivateVPN 
  • PureVPN
  • VyprVPN

These are all paid VPNs and it is advised to spend a little to afford these VPNs since they are more effective. But, here are a few free VPNs that are also highly rated and considered effective:

  • Hotspot Shield: Free VPN with no time limit 
  • Surf Shark: Provides a 30 day free VPN and then you will have to pay. 
  • Tunnelbear: Free with no time limit
  • WindScribe: Free with no time limit

Ending Words 

With a certain boom across the gambling and the gaming industries, players are looking for diverse games across an international range of casinos, irrespective of geographic boundaries. While many countries and the respective federal governments impose regulations against gambling, the VPN is just a perfect tweak that could hide your IP and allow you to access gaming platforms bypass restrictions.

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