Will He or Won’t He: Superman cameo in ‘Shazam!’

For those of us who were hoping for the rumored Superman cameo appearance in Shazam! it is appearing more likely that will not happen according to Mark Hughes of Forbes:

“It didn’t work out, getting Superman into Shazam!, apparently. Maybe that’ll change and they’ll be able to film something. There’s still a lot of time before it comes out, but as of right now there’s no Superman in Shazam! and there’s no movement on a Superman solo movie.”

Fans who saw the optimism of Superman to be a good match for Shazam will be disappointed with DC Films apparent desire to distance themselves from a scenario of a shared universe, the idea of these two icons coming together, even for a moment gave the hope of some continuity. He does acknowledge that a cameo could still be filmed, but doesn’t expect it.


Shazam! is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 5, 2019.