Working Title for ‘The Batman’ Spin-Off Series Revealed

As we patiently await for Matt Reeves’ The Batman, we can share some news about the spin-off series that is being developed at HBO Max. HBO Max seems to be really gearing up for its DC content as we are getting projects that center around the Green Lantern Corp and Blue Beetle.

According to The Illuminerdi, The Batman spin-off series has a working title of “Arkham”. If you’re a Batman fan, you know that Arkham Asylum is the mental hospital that all of the criminals in Gotham are sent to once they’re apprehended. There’s been video games, comics, and cartoons all centered around this literal madhouse. So, if the show is being worked under the name Arkham, I suppose we should guess that this series will dive into the insanity that drives Batman’s rogue gallery.

The series will be a prequel to The Batman and will take place from the perspective of a corrupt police officer.

What do you think of the working title?

Source: The Illuminerdi

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