The Feral Druid is a great class to go with if you have the right build for it.

The Feral Druid can provide a number of advantages to the player if they are set up properly. Sure, you’ll have to spend a bit of TBC Classic gold here and there, plus you’re probably working hard on The Burning Crusade power leveling process too. This article will walk you through the better talents that are available to you as the Feral Druid, and which ones you should be using for your build.

Getting Started as Feral Druid

First things first, we need to get to a Feral Druid Trainer to start us off with changing talent trees. Should you wish to use this, it will cost you, but not to the point where you’ll have to buy TBC gold. Overall, it caps at 50 WoW TBC gold and goes down each month until it reaches 10.

What you do need to be aware of is that even though this is considered to be a good class to use, mainly due to its ability to switch easily between tanking and DPS, is that it does rely on certain talents. There isn’t much room for variety and you’ll really need particular talents from the Feral tree at some point. That said, it isn’t such a negative since it means the talents are more meaningful on the tree, rather than looking to go through talents for the sake of it.

Talents for Feral Druid

If you’re going down the DPS route, then there are some must-have choices where talents are concerned. For your DPS rotation to have any effect, you’ll need Forocity, Furor, Mangle and Shredding Attacks. You will also need Heart of the Wild, Leader of the Pack, Naturalist, Predatory Instincts, Predatory Strikes, Sharpened Claws and Survival of the Fittest. These talents will grant you the DPS and stat boosts that you are really going to need.

There is a plethora of talents for the Feral Druid that can benefit you. Whilst those listed above are essential, there’s also the likes of Faerie Fire, Intensity, Natural Shapeshifter and Omen of Clarity that are of great use. Granted these are only of use in certain situations, but they are certainly worth mentioning and considered as a difference maker.

Another must-have talent is Mangle. You should get the Mangle talent as soon as you can regardless of whether you are DPS or tank. Whether you’re in dungeons or raids, Mangle is something that you’ll want to get a hold of. When it comes to Feral Druids, Mangle offers fantastic damage output to the point of it being essential to your build.


Build Talents

The talents that are available will benefit you in certain situations more than others. An example of this would be a PvP build. Whilst PvE builds may not benefit from the likes of Brutal Impact, Nurturing Instinct or Primal Tenacity, but these are all essential to player vs. player combat.

If you are more PvE focused, then the talents that you’ll need for your DPS are all of those listed in the previous section of the article. No matter if you’re a tank build or DPS as your main focus, they can all work well for you. The great part of the Feral Druid is its ability to be able to switch up between tanking and DPS role, and this is a trait that you should make sure to take full advantage of.

For players that prefer to be in bear form as DPS instead of tank, then there’s some talents that you could go for. Your goal as the Druid is to make the most of its ability to switch between DPS and tanking, which means that you should take the following talents even if it only benefits one aspect of your class. There’s Feral Charge, Feral Instinct, Feral Swiftness and Thick Hide for you to add to your arsenal. In order to progress through the talent tree effectively, you’ll need these talents to get through it. With that in mind, get these talents whenever you can.

Those who have been looking for ways to get their builds to where they need to be, but haven’t managed to go through the processes to get there, you may look into going to buy WoW TBC accounts. This would help you to skip past the process of TBC power leveling as well if you wish, though you should be aware of the source you’re buying from. The Feral Druid is a useful class to go with, provided you have the build right to get you to the later content.

Have you played as the Feral Druid in World of Warcraft TBC? Let us know in the comments below!

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