Your Last Chance To Get These ClassicFlix Titles Including Works From Orson Welles, Barbara Stanwyck & Gary Cooper

ClassicFlix has not had the longevity of some boutique labels, but in just five short years as a home video label they have released over 50 incredible titles. From their earliest Bette Davis release to their sterling recent releases of The Little Rascals and The Abbott & Costello Show, they have more than made their mark for movies and TV shows made before 1970.

As any lover of physical media knows so well, licensing agreements almost always must come to and end. Fans of the label are getting one of their first major tastes of saying goodbye with the recent announcement that eleven of their titles are now out-of-print and soon to be gone for good. There is still time to pick up these amazing titles before it it too late, so please check out the list below for titles from Gary Cooper, Abbott & Costello, Barbara Stanwyck, Orson Welles and more. Plus, don’t miss our video detailing why these should be on your radar.