When the HBO Watchmen series drops, it will be ten years after the film released in theaters. While many are happy to finally be getting a television show that centers around the Watchmen superheroes, film director Zack Snyder once had different opinions over the possibility of a small-screen series. Back then, Snyder reasoned that HBO didn’t have the budget to recreate what he had.

retrospective: Zack Snyder’s argument back in 2009 on why Watchmen shouldn’t be an HBO mini-series shows the progress of TV entertainment. Do want a DCEU tv show? from DC_Cinematic

Now, this was before HBO aired such shows as Game of Thrones, which catapulted the channel into financial success. Now, HBO airs not only GOT, but Westworld, Big Little Lies, and other money racking shows. So, while it may not have been smart to air a show like Watchmen on HBO all those years ago, now would be a fantastic time. As someone who is regularly impressed with HBO, this adult-themed comic-book themed series is in good hands.

Watchmen will premiere in 2019 on HBO

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