Zack Snyder Sheds Light On Who That Robin Suit Belonged To

One of the many things that has inspired questions from Batman fans about what transpired in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was the defiled Robin suit and who it actually belonged to. Many fans have assumed the costume belongs to the now-deceased Jason Todd. It seems however that Zack Snyder has decided to throw a grenade into that theory with one little  comment on his Vero account:

“What makes you think that’s Jason Todd”

It has been stated that the suit is a clear reference to the A Death in the Family story arc, in which The Joker beats Jason Todd’s Robin mercilessly with a crowbar and left him to die in an explosion. However we finally got the answer to the long debated question. After some unreleased VFX footage from Suicide Squad was released yesterday, a member of ComicBookDebate took to Vero to ask Zack Snyder himself and we got our answer.


RICHARD! The suit in the Batcave belonged to Dick Grayson himself, not Jason or Tim but Dick Grayson. The name of the Robin who wore the suit was never revealed so technically according to canon Warner Bros. can make that anyone they want to. There were plans to make a Nightwing film with director Chris McKay but those are on hold until Matt Reeves can get his Batman film up and running. We will see a live action form of Dick Grayson/Robin this Fall when DC Universe Titans debuts.  We have to ask, How does this news make you feel? Would you have been ok with Dick being dead in the DCU or would that have been the straw that broke the camels back? Leave us a comment below or head over to Twitter @GeekVibesNation and let us know.

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