2021 is going to be a special year in the gaming world as it will take video games further than ever before. The gaming world reached new heights this year with the increasing number of platforms, crossplay options, cloud gaming, 4K gaming, ray-tracing and so much more. You can only imagine what improvements to gaming 2021 would bring. There are many people on the Internet saying that the console wars are over, that the PC vs consoles war is dead as well, and that cloud gaming can’t match a real physical platform… Well, it’s difficult to tell who’s right or wrong at this point. But one thing is for sure – the competitiveness is now more fierce than ever, and it is fueling the need for perfection.

Still, the games are what’s most important here. Whether it’s a console or a high-end PC, it would be nothing without memorable and fun gaming experiences. No matter the platform that you are playing on, GAMES are at the heart of it all! Now, let’s check out some of the most exciting games arriving in 2021.

Hogwarts Legacy

The Harry Potter series is one of the biggest book franchises in the world. Being the most sold book series of all time, they truly deserve a good gaming adaptation but it seems like we never got a decent game based on it. However, Hogwarts Legacy aims to fix this. Yes, it seems that the idea of being a wizard remains in our hearts as strong as it was 20 years ago. And we will get a chance to do so in 2021. Taking place before the events of the novel and movie, this will be a wonderful opportunity to create a game with a completely new story but at the same time still stands on the solid grounds of J.K.Rowling’s magical world. The trailer showcased to us that you will be doing everything you saw in the movies and beyond. Get your magic wands ready, ‘Yer a wizard!’

Release date: TBA 2021
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

Hitman 3

Arguably the most famous assassin – Agent 47 is about to make his return. The Hitman franchise is still here and even if there aren’t many mentions about it, the series has been going strong. The upcoming new installment is probably going to be the best entry to the franchise since Hitman (2016) came out. The reboot from 2016 and Hitman 2 (2018) was a blast and even though they were not a huge financial success, they have paved the road for Hitman 3. One of the greatest assassination simulators is still as detailed as ever as you will be blending in with crowds, disguising yourself, getting a hold of the latest firearms, and turning anything into a weapon in order to do one thing – assassinate your target!

Release date: 20 January 2021
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia, and Nintendo Switch


Psychonauts 2

A sequel to one of the most underrated games of all time? Who would bother doing this? To tell you the truth, despite remaining under the radar, Psychonauts from 2005 is a state of the art game that sets high standards of what any game should be. Even if it is not hugely anticipated as most of the AAA titles, Psychonauts 2 is going to hit hard by all means! Getting into people’s twisted minds is one of the greatest settings in a game. As a psychonaut, you will be doing exactly this! The gameplay is going to revolve once again around awesome platforming and using the Psi-powers, which will be improved as we were told. There’s a mole in the psychic super spies team that’s threatening to bring back a fearsome enemy from the dead. So fasten your seatbelts as you will be delving into people’s minds to find and stop it!

Release date: TBA 2021
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S


Resident Evil Village

A gaming franchise where good and bad entries take turns. At the moment Capcom seems to be heading in the right direction. The remakes were a blast and the latest standalone game Resident Evil 7 is a fresh take on the Umbrella events – focusing on a more intimate story, scarier movie-like elements, and first-person perspective. Resident Evil Village is going to be a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7 and will keep all the cool stuff that its prequel presented to us. Furthermore, you will be playing again as Ethan who finds himself in a spooky European village, trying to find some answers. Definitely a throwback to Resident Evil 4, which was one of the best games in the franchise, hands down. One thing’s for sure, it looks REALLY scary, so if you want to get the living daylights scared out of you, get some PlayStation Gift Cards and get the game!

Release date: TBA 2021
Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Microsoft Windows


Horizon Forbidden West

One of the most beloved games on the PlayStation 4 is about to get a sequel in 2021. Horizon Forbidden West is going to have a hard time reaching the flawlessness of the original, but fingers crossed, with the new possibilities offered by the hardware of the PlayStation 5, it seems highly possible. No worries, it will still be available for the PlayStation 4. We still don’t know that much about Horizon Forbidden West, but we know that it will continue the story from where Zero Dawn concluded. The huntress Aloy will have to deal with a mysterious red plague that kills everything it infects. Be prepared for an even bigger open world set in post-apocalyptic California, Utah, and Nevada, alongside iconic locations such as San Francisco and Yosemite Valley. New gaming elements are also coming, such as water exploration (possibly underwater combat) and climbing gameplay mechanics. Oh yes, a good number of new mechanic beasts are arriving as well.

Release date: TBA 2021
Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4


Halo Infinite

There are people saying Xbox exclusives are good but not as many as they should be. Well, that might be true, but the numbers are not always everything. Just like the Spartans fighting the Persians at Thermopylae, Gears of War, Forza, Halo, and several others are opposing a great force coming from Xbox rivals. That reference is more than appropriate considering the fact that the greatest “Spartan” Supersoldier Master Chief is making his return with Halo Infinite. Microsoft shared that Master Chief is going to have a bigger role than he had in Halo 5: Guardians. The glimpse of his new MJOLNIR armor back in 2018 E3’s trailer and 2020’s gameplay was nothing short of breathtaking. The story might be astonishing, as the events of the game will be part of the “Reclaimer Trilogy” and will take place in a Halo ring having suffered heavy damage. The Banished have also made a comeback as the main enemy. The gameplay? Well, this will be the most-open world Halo of all time but will be keeping all the charm from the previous games. Expect much more interaction with the environment, more complex enemies, brand new weapons, and a cool grappling hook. GET OVER HERE!

Release date: TBA 2021
Platforms: Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S


God of War: Ragnarök

When it was announced that Kratos will make his return to the gaming scene, no one thought that it would make such a huge impact. PlayStation 2’s era of God of War games had already reached the highest peaks in the gaming world. But, well, we can safely say that 2018’s God of War surpassed them. The dream of every fan of the original games literally came true. After butchering the whole Greek Pantheon, Kratos went to do the same to the North Gods. Kratos’s son Atreus was a great addition to the story and gameplay mechanics as well. The game had an open ending and everything boiled down to one thing – a sequel.

God of War: Ragnarok was announced earlier this year and despite not knowing much about it we are expecting him to continue his quest of killing every single god out there. It’s more than obvious that some of his next targets will be Thor and possibly Odin. And even if the actual Ragnarok from the Norse mythology is loosely followed, it is still going to be a massacre. Expect to see a good number of mythical characters such as Fenrir, Surtur, Hel, and many more. Kratos has already proved himself, but the prequel showed us that the story might also be moving in another direction – that of Atreus. Who knows, we might see him as a grown-up man, fighting as an equal alongside his father. Be prepared for new gameplay elements, as it looks like the guys from Santa Monica are determined to bring us an even greater God of War game.

Release date: TBA 2021
Platform: PlayStation 5

To Conclude

These are the titles that we think are going to make the most impact in 2021 and you should definitely look forward to them. But even so, never get too hyped over a game. You may get bitterly disappointed in the end. Sometimes great titles come out of nowhere and it doesn’t have to be an expensive AAA title at all.

These days the line between fantastic indies and overhyped expensive titles is quite blurred. Of course, we are hoping that any of the games above will not just meet our expectations but exceed them. Is there a 2021 game that you are waiting for that we didn’t include? Which do you think is more important – new IPs or sequels to already proven titles? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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