Telltale Games Series: The Walking Dead


There are few games that have emotionally destroyed me like The Walking Dead Season 1. Originally, I only wanted to find a game that I could play casually and have a good time with my viewers. One of my mods, Fisko, tried to warn me. He said, “Britt this game is going to tear your heart out.” I had simply laughed off this notion and assumed that I could take the torture. After all, I had played my fair share of sad games.

This was a terrible mistake on my part.

To start off, we have our main character. Lee is a man that is on his way to prison after killing the senator that was having an affair with his wife. The cop transporting us is friendly enough and we’re introduced to the decision making aspect of the game. I’ll admit that the timer underneath the decisions gave me a bit of anxiety. Luckily, I found that I could pause the game and give myself a moment to reflect on these choices.

These decisions started to escalate as we found ourselves at the beginning of the apocalypse. The Walking Dead TV series won over so many people because we as the viewers could see how these survivors made decisions and the troubles that they faced. This game was no different but somehow more personal since we were personally responsible for the outcome. A common phrase that I saw was “Live with your decisions”.

At first, I took this as a sort of taunt from the veterans in my chat. A way of telling me that things would only get worse as the decisions were made harder. By the end of the game, I took this almost as a mantra in the same way the Mandalorians say “This is the Way”. There was a sort of solace in the fact that we as the player are just as human as the character we played as. No right or wrong decisions, only the decisions of a person put in an impossible situation. The timer also helped to resemble the pressure that Lee would have to be under (though as said before… I cheated a little).

I am thankful that I was able to play with the help of my viewers. By the time I finished the game, it felt like I had my own personal Walking Dead support group. To be fair, I needed it. We had lost so many amazing characters by the end of the game that I felt like I had spent most of my time in grieving. This game is a part of The Walking Dead universe and I knew we would lose people… but the creators had made each character believable enough to make their deaths have meaning.

All in all, if you can stomach the sadness, this is a game that I would suggest for anyone that loves The Walking Dead universe or for anyone that loves a good story.

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