Actor Spotlight: Jacob Pitts

You enjoyed Justified, didn’t you? It was a great show that premiered for six seasons on FX, featuring Timothy Olyphant as the main character Raylan Givens in a modern-day Western of sorts. But, you know who was truly a great character on that show that was not utilized enough? Jacob Pitts as Tim Gutterson. The former sniper who never missed was full of snark and sass and while he gave us gold every time he was on the screen, there was a serious lack of Tim throughout the seasons.

Pitts has been acting for some time, ever since 1999 with his first appearance in Strangers with Candy. Pitts probably became most well-known in 2004 with the cult-classic Eurotrip, though from revisiting some of my favorite shows, I realized that Pitts portrayed a young man who ended up head over heels for Samantha in the long-running HBO show Sex and the City. It’s mildly hilarious to think that the guy we all laughed at for pining over Kim Cattrall’s character can become such a chameleon in various roles throughout the years.

Before landing his role on Justified, Pitts appeared in 5 episodes of the HBO show The Pacific, where he played Bill ‘Hoosier’ Smith alongside big names like Jon Bernthal. And since Justified, Pitts has done a few small roles here and there, before having recurring roles on both Amazon Prime’s Sneaky Pete and USA’s The Sinner. Both series feature some great content by Pitts, particularly in The Sinner. As the dangerous and smooth J.D., he really had a hold on me, as a viewer. While Pitts didn’t reprise his role in the second season, he did appear in both two seasons of Sneaky Pete as the sleazy, but sometimes redeeming; Lance Lord. Since Sneaky Pete has been renewed for a third season, I’m hoping Pitts will return.

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Most recently, Pitts appeared in an episode of Law & Order: SVU during its current 20th season as a Brooklyn ADA who is not who he seems. Pitts is great when you need someone who is dry, sarcastic, and monotone. As an actor who is most likely not a household name, who most probably don’t think of when fan casting roles, he’s severely underutilized in Hollywood. Seriously, give the man more roles!

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