Before the premiere of American Gods Season Two, I compiled a small page on Technical Boy’s unique style from season one. We have some downtime before season three kicks off, so I thought let’s revisit all the different wardrobe changes we saw in season two. This list is really in no particular order!

Telephone Boy from Episode Six: ‘Donar the Great’

I was insanely excited to see Bruce Langley as Telephone Boy. An incarnation of the Technical Boy we know, this 1930s version was so fun to watch. Not only was he snarky and a snazzy dresser, but I loved his genuine awe when it came to Columbia.

Technical Boy’s Version of Dressing Up from Episode 1: ‘House on the Rock’

We saw this look in the last episode of season one, but got it once again during the first three minutes of season two. I enjoyed watching Tech Boy race through a golf course in a stretch limo, while arguing with the GPS system.

T-Rex Look From Episode 4: ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’

I don’t know why, this is one of my favorite looks from the season. Maybe I’m just in awe of that crazy hairdo and how long it must have taken the hair department of American Gods to do it. This was the last look of “Technical Boy”, before he was retired by Mr. World.

Technical Boy is Born from Episode 4: ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’

This look of Tech Boy was only shown for about a second, but I loved this episode. Seeing the introduction of the only friend he seemingly had and how it was almost the boy who breathed life into Tech Boy was great. I thought this scene in the funeral was amazing and it was cinema not often used in American Gods.

Eneba Many GEOs

Finding Media in Episode 2: ‘The Beguiling Man’

Tech Boy was tasked with searching for Media by order of Mr. World. While we at first thought that this was Tech Boy searching New York City for her, it was all virtual reality. Which was a cool way to really touch upon the new wave of technology that wasn’t really present when Neil Gaiman first wrote his book.

First Of All…in Episode 3: ‘Muninn’

I just love this jacket. Can I be this sparkly all the time? We really got a lot of Technical Boy in season two; much more than season one. And while I’ve seen Tech Boy compared to as the “Joffrey of American Gods”, we can all agree he’s a lot funnier than the guy we all wanted dead in Game of Thrones.

The Birth of Quantum Boy in Episode 8: ‘Moon Shadow’

I suppose we need to start calling him Quantum Boy. In the book, Quantum Boy never existed. But, if you look at the way technology is evolving and the integration of quantum physics, it makes sense to incorporate this in American Gods. My question is, though; was this Mr. World’s intention all along? Did he retire Tech Boy to get to Quantum Boy? Did New Media put the idea in the CEO’s head so he could help create Quantum Boy?

I have so many questions. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Quantum Boy in season 3. What were your favorite looks of Technical Boy in season 2?

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