American Gods is a uniquely bizarre show. Not just in content, but visually as well. The STARZ’s series based off a novel by Neil Gaiman takes advantage of the world it lives in and doesn’t concern itself too much with remaining “realistic”. In a world of old gods and new, why would it? Partially the reason why we enjoy the show so much is due to the play on the senses and what is “normal” and not. One of the starkest images to the eye is often Bruce Langley’s Technical Boy and his interesting fashion choices.

Eneba Many GEOs

A far cry from what is portrayed in the novel, Technical Boy is a new god and if it’s not obvious enough, he’s the god of technology. Originally described as a “fat, young man in a long, black coat with acne on his cheek,” the show’s version is somewhat of a fashion icon. In every scene, we see him in a different, eccentric outfit and hairdo. This is particularly due to the fact that Technical Boy is supposed to represent the everchanging world of technology.

In an article from 2017, showrunner Michael Green explained the decision surrounding the fashion choices:




“Technology very much has a tie into fashion, which goes in cycles and changes overnight. What’s in fashion, technologically, and what’s in fashion, in fashion, are minute to minute and you can’t possibly keep up. And we look to the Technical Boy to be someone who’s very much a victim of both. The idea of feeling like you have to feed the beast of what’s new and what’s fresh is very much in his mind.”

So, why am I bringing up a piece from a year ago to talk about something now everyone who is a fan of American Gods is already aware of? Based on a recent post by Bruce Langley on Instagram, we get a glimpse of another whacky hairdo that the god will be rocking in season two. Filming and production is underway for the show and it wouldn’t be the same without the new god that we love to hate.

American Gods is currently filming and a few of its stars, including Ricky Whittle was recently at Dragon Con. For those in the New York Area, the cast of the show will be at New York Comic Con on Friday, October 5th for an exclusive panel.

American Gods will hopefully premiere in early 2019.

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