Among Mamma-Ji and Sam Black Crow, New Media has been one of the most anticipated new characters on American Gods. Once Gillian Anderson made the move to not return for the show’s second season, the hunt had been on for Mr. World to have a new partner in the war between the Old Gods and New Gods. Enter Kahyun Kim as New Media, who is finally premiering on the series in episode three, premiering this Sunday.

You can watch the new video of her introduction below.

Kim may play an adaptation of Media, but it is different than season one, as New Media originates from the digital world of selfies, emojis, and catchy techno beats. Kim comments:

“We really wanted to show this new wave in our generation,” Kim tells EW. “The way she comes out… for me, it was almost like an iPhone coming out for this generation, this new shiny present.”

New Media is worshipped by social media and all the followers who use the platform for a sense of happiness, validation, relationships, and influence. Though she has stepped into Anderson’s shoes and the clip solidifies her as the “new and improved” version, Kim has nothing but respect for the seasoned actor who wonderfully played Media in season one:

“I love Gillian’s work, she is brilliant, and when I read American Gods, [Media] was definitely my favorite character,” Kim says. “When I got to step into this role, it was clear to me that it is very much New Media, a totally different character. It wasn’t that I had to recreate what Gillian was doing, which was very liberating to me.”

Kim continued, about her character;

“She is poppy, she is this Japanese manga thing that people are seeing, but actually when we were discussing the costume, it was more Gwen Stefani, pop culture, like Lady Gaga.”

“She knows how to manipulate, like social media, and knows how to use people,” Kim says. “She reaches the mass, she has the power of followers — as in worshippers, but also, legit followers — and Mr. World uses that.”

Are you excited to see Kim as New Media and what were your favorite Media moments from season one?


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