[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”28589″ img_size=”825×464″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]American Gods Season Three will pick up in Lakeside; a prominent location for main character Shadow Moon in Neil Gaiman’s book. While he evaded arrest by his identification card having a different name, that doesn’t mean everything is all well and good for Shadow. He still has to contend with not only knowing that Mr. Wednesday set up his wife Laura Moon’s death, but that Odin is in fact his father.

Eneba Many GEOs

Still, actor Ricky Whittle says that fans should expect a happier Shadow Moon in season three, per an interview with Screen Rant:

What kind of locations can we expect to see in season 3?

“Season 3 is going to be the Lakeside story, as we continue our way through Neil Gaiman’s fantastic book. It’s actually my favorite part of the book and after what it’s turning out to be, with conversations in the writers room between [showrunner] Chic Eglee and his writing team, my favorite part of the show. We’re going to see a completely different Shadow, I mean he’s even going by the new name Mike Ainsel, which we rounded off the season 2 finale with. It’s a new identity, it’s a chance to be something else and someone else, to go into hiding. He’s kind of had the world of the gods abusing him for long enough, and using him as a punchbag, so now it’s his time to try and escape and live his life and take stock of all the information he’s just received. He’s just found out that he’s potentially got a father in this world, who is not of this world, and what does that mean for him and the abilities that he seems to have showcased throughout the first two seasons.”

In another interview you described Shadow as being “empty” at the start of season 1, because of all he’s lost. Where is he at the start of season 3?

“You could say he literally has come full circle, despite gathering a whole wealth of information, because he’s still lost. Just because he’s getting more information, he doesn’t understand it all… He has the knowledge that Odin was his father, that his father was a god, he wasn’t just some guy who left his mother and himself to fend for themselves. He was there the whole time, and how much has he had to do with [Shadow’s] life, with the decisions that have been made and the things that have happened to him. Shadow’s not had a great life, so did [Wednesday] just allow all these bad things to happen to him? It’s a lot to take on for a son who feels neglected and abandoned. But there are consequences to that you know, obviously we’ve touched upon it lightly that when your father’s a god, does that make Shadow a demigod and does that mean he too has powers, he too is special?

So that’s something we’re going to investigate, but also in the Lakeside story he wants to escape this world, he’s had a taste of it and he doesn’t want any part of it. So he’s going to try and escape, he’s going to try and hide in Lakeside and finally be amongst human beings, or who he thinks are human beings. He’s got to try and balance this world of trying to start this new life with all these people, love interests, friends, but also keep the gods and all that chaos away from this normal life… We did meet him when he was vulnerable and empty and void of emotion and character and personality, because he’d lost everything. Now his wife came back, and he’s getting stronger and he’s getting more knowledge, he’s getting more confident again. So season 3 will see a lot more of the old Shadow, before we met him… a happier Shadow, a more content Shadow who’s driving his own story. “

The interviewer then brought up the subject of Mad Sweeney, who was killed in the seventh episode of season two. Albeit accidentally, Shadow still speared Mad Sweeney and the last we saw the unlucky leprechaun, Laura was hauling his corpse off.

Near the end of season 2, Shadow kills Mad Sweeney to save Wednesday’s life. How does that affect Shadow’s relationship with Wednesday – is he more loyal to him now, or less so?

“I mean, I don’t think it affects his relationship with Wednesday because of the much larger issue that Wednesday’s kept this secret from him for so long, and has he been manipulating him this whole time? Sweeney’s death is something that would weigh on Shadow because he’s just a human being with good morals, and even though it was an accident, that’s definitely something that’s going to weigh on Shadow’s mind. Now, is the death of a god different to the death of a human? Would it weigh on his mind the same? I’m not too sure, because they are these kind of magical beings, and hey come back to life and they die and they reform. Are any of these gods and beings and deities ever really dead? So Shadow’s going to learn a bit more about that in the passing of Mad Sweeney, but he’s going to learn a lot more about himself as well with the consequences of that death.”

The last time we see Mad Sweeney in season 2, he’s being carried away by Laura. Why do you think she decided to take his body? Is she hoping to find a way to bring him back?

“I mean, she wanted to bury Mad Sweeney for herself and she saw the way in which Ibis would deal with the bodies and she didn’t want Mad Sweeney to go along that road. She’d started to develop some feelings for him and she wants what’s best for him. If she can bring him back to life that would be her ideal, because in life she had Shadow to love, and to love her, and in death, she had Mad Sweeney, and in one swift episode she lost them both. So she’s very alone right now, and if there’s any way of getting either of them back then she will. But we’re going to see how that goes. And from a personal view, anyone who has worked with or seen Pablo Schreiber work, of course, you want Mad Sweeney to come back, because I love working with Pablo Schreiber, he’s one of the best actors I’ve ever had to opportunity to grace a screen with.”

Wanted to bury Mad Sweeney for herself? Honestly, I don’t think Laura was thinking that, but that’s just my opinion. We will have to see what happens before jumping to conclusions. For the full interview, check out Screen Rant and let us know what you are hoping for in season three![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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