Slight Spoilers

When Demeter first slapped Wednesday across the face, we knew that she had a good reason to do so. Frankly, if the past two seasons had taught us anything, it’s that Odin has any face slap coming. Episode six of season three explains just why Demeter is so hesitant to be around Wednesday. It’s a tragic story that feels as if it fleshes Wednesday out in a way I don’t think we expected him to be. Blythe Danner and Ian McShane did their equal share in breaking my heart this episode.

While Odin and Demeter’s love tale was emotionally charged, Shadow and Laura’s reunion wasn’t. Which, makes sense. You have to remember, Shadow and Laura reunited in season one. And in both seasons one and two, Shadow made it apparent that there was no love lost between them. And after Laura finally understood that not only was she putting on a façade for Shadow and that she did truly care about Mad Sweeney, I don’t think she really cared that their reunion wasn’t a second chance at love. In fact, it kind of felt nice not feeling any romance between the two – more of an honest friends situation. Albeit, Laura was really there to ask where Wednesday was – she has her eyes on the prize.

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Oh Salim

There wasn’t much of Salim in this episode, but as always, I love the dynamic between Omid Abhati and Emily Browning. Every moment they’re on screen develops their characters more and shows why they’re a perfect platonic relationship. Why Laura may have killing Wednesday on her mind, Salim is left with questions about the Jinn and his vulnerability may be a way for the New Gods to try to get in with him.

Danny “Friggin” Trejo

I also want to talk about Technical Boy. His relationship with World seems to always be changing. In season one, he was the unruly kid. In season two, he was on the outs with World. Now, in three, I feel that he’s just so done with the idle threats and on top of dealing with what Bilquis did to him, he has little room to take World’s frustrations seriously. Also, please let’s talk about how amazing Danny Trejo is as Mr. World. Crispin Glover and Dominique Jackson are so great as World and it’s nice to see that Trejo follows this trend. The scene between Trejo and Bruce Langley is one of my favorite of the season so far.

Rating: 4.5/5

On top of everything else that is going on, we have Lakeside virtually imploding due to Alison missing and a panty thief. Chad Mulligan seems less than capable to really handle the severity of these crimes and it’s interesting to see how much the townspeople respect Hinzelmann more. Who is stealing the panties? Who kidnapped Alison? And will Shadow’s cover be blown by the arrival of Sam Black Crow?

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