With new social media platforms emerging every day, people today are used to having different passwords for all accounts. For instance, most people use Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, and Snapchat these days. As social media websites have increased, so has the threat of cyberterrorism. Hackers these days have advanced software through which they can break into your account if you have a weak password.

Keeping this in mind, experts opine that individuals must not hold the same passwords for all accounts; if one is compromised, all will be compromised. But isn’t it so difficult to remember the passwords for all accounts? It is. Earlier, many of us used to write the passwords somewhere – on a sticky note or a password book – to ensure that we don’t forget. However, today there are applications for password storage. Let us go through the best applications for password storage.


Charging $36 annually (a free version is also there), this password manager is like a digital vault that is compatible with Windows, Android, and Apple devices. Its extensions can also be added on browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc. This password manager stands out because it allows you to store passwords and sync them across all your devices. The premium version of LastPass lets us share passwords and other items with your trusted fellows.


Allowing users to store credentials of 50 accounts, Dashlane is a good password manager. Apart from storing passwords, it can also store data such as address details, contact information, etc. The premium version allows you to sync data while monitoring for any data breaches and security flaws. However, all of this comes at a price. The premium Dashlane plan is expensive, but keeping in mind the benefits the application offers, some may say that the price is justified.


Lauded as one of the most capable applications for password management, NordPass offers plugins from Opera, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. It is also compatible with desktop applications like macOS, Linux, and Windows. NordPass does not only store your passwords securely but also suggests users different strong passwords. You can also store your credit card information and other confidential banking details on NordPass for quick checkouts on online platforms.


Known for its versatility, RoboForm is a popular password manager that is compatible with most desktop and mobile applications and software. The free version of RoboForm allows you to safeguard your passwords in a digital vault as well as a device – it depends on your preference. It also has a password generator that suggests strong passwords and also urges users to replace weaker combinations. The only drawback is that it does not sync passwords with other devices.


Password managing and storing applications are prevalent today. They help users keep their information safe. Apart from passwords, many password-storing applications also store other confidential data. You can consider these applications as digital vaults. But always be careful because not all applications offer total security.

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