The category of video gaming is quite big and one that has gone through some pretty significant changes and evolution over the past few decades. The quest for a home gaming console culminated in 1972 when the Brown Box was released to the public by Magnavox. It was called the Magnavox Odyssey and it began what would become one of the most profitable home entertainment markets out there.

But for all the thrills and excitement that video game consoles have offered, mobile gaming has managed to burst onto the scene in a big way and carve out its niche and its following of players and fans. It has left some to wonder whether mobile gaming might ever be able to overtake video game consoles? Let’s dive into that question a little deeper.

There Is a Huge Price Difference

One of the biggest advantages the mobile gaming industry has over consoles is the price. Purchasing a gaming console means dropping hundreds of dollars just for the console itself. The Nintendo Switch is the cheapest with the Xbox being the most expensive. Games will cost players anywhere from $30-$90 on average, so it doesn’t take long for that library of titles to add up.

In comparison, mobile gaming is a fraction of the cost. It’s not unusual for the game itself to be a free download and then there will be in-app purchases available. This means it’s up to you if you want to spend money or not. So, you can download a whole collection of games for free and not feel as though you’re missing out where action, fun and excitement are concerned.

Mobility Is Another Huge Feature

Then there is the fact these mobile games are just that – mobile. Because you download them on your smartphone or tablet, you can take them anywhere you go. This makes them versatile and perfect for gaming on the go. Although the consoles feature handheld versions, again, you’re going to drop a large chunk of change on them and you will still need to purchase games.

When you rely on your smartphone for all your gaming, it means you don’t have to bring that extra device with you, since your phone acts as a one-stop location for everything you need.

Mobile Gaming Offers Up an Impressive Variety of Options

Anyone new to mobile gaming may find themselves shocked at the sheer volume of options. It’s not just the traditional games such as what you’d find on a console; mobile gaming delves into many other categories. Plus, there’s the fact that your mobile device makes it possible for you to play popular browser-based games such as visiting an online casino – a wildly popular option. You can engage in exciting blackjack online, slots, roulette and more – all in real-time.

As you can well see, mobile gaming has plenty for you to get excited about and offers several benefits, but are they enough to overtake the console? The jury is still out on that question but, for now, it seems players have the desire for both.

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