‘Castlevania’ Animator David Howe Wants To Tackle ‘Legend of Zelda’ Anime Series

Several years ago, someone from Netflix leaked info about a possible The Legend of Zelda live-action series being in the works. As a result, the entire project got canned and nothing happened. Fast forward to the present time with Castlevania experiencing so much success with three seasons already on Netflix and the fourth and final season on its way tomorrow (May 14, 2021), David Howe and his team want to tackle Zelda next. According to an interview with Zelda Dungeon, when asked why he thinks Zelda would be a good fit he had this to say:

Well I think there’s precedent for it…I personally own a couple copies of the Ocarina of Time manga, so they’ve already adapted it into a serialized manga format…and I think if something works in a manga format then it would work in an anime. And then there’s also the world building.

If you follow the history of anime and manga, you’d see that a lot of manga titles have been adapted into an anime format. Some being wildly successful and some running for only one season. Since the Legend of Zelda franchise has so many games, some of them have already been put into manga form – which gives Howe precedent to think an anime would work so well. He goes on to reference the amazingly popular manga turned anime, Demon Slayer, and says Zelda can adopt some of its principles into it.

I think that’s something that anime already does really well anyway. I’m watching Demon Slayer right now, and there will be single episodes that deal with little side-quests, or there’ll be five episode arcs that will be like–the Shadow Temple or something–they kind of go to different areas.

David Howe Legend of Zelda

Video games have evolved from a mere child’s play-thing to various works of art. Monstrous enemies with a backstory and purpose, the ever thinking and cunning being. Characters with relatable issues and flaws, their own growth process, and overcoming their inner demons. Worlds that were once small and linear are now open-world and full of wonder! The Legend of Zelda franchise has also adapted much of these elements into its stories. So the cartoon of the 80s is long forgotten and a new anime series needs to happen. When asked if another Zelda adaptation can be taken seriously, Howe had this to say:

I think so…we’re at a different point now with video games than we were in the 80s. Video games are considered an art form now so much more than they ever were in the 80s; it was still very much for children, you know, and that Zelda show was fun to watch, but it was a Saturday morning cartoon…

If there was my dream of a Zelda anime adaptation, it would definitely be for adults–I mean it wouldn’t be a hard R-rating like Castlevania–I think that would be alienating for a lot of people. But I think just taking it seriously and giving the characters and the world the respect they deserve. I think that would be a lot easier to do these days than it was in the 80s.

Howe also states that everyone at Powerhouse Animation, including himself, are huge nerds. They love Zelda and Metroid and he thinks the team would love to work on making a Zelda anime.

I don’t want to speak for my co-workers, but if you look around the office at Powerhouse Animation, we’re all nerds. We’re all huge fans of Zelda and Metroid…I feel like anyone would chomp at the bit to make a show like this.

Over here at Geek Vibes Nation, we’re all nerds in our own way. I’m sure I can speak for my team when I say we want you to make this too, David. Make it happen!

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