UPDATE: It appears that shortly after we posted this, WWE’s Cesaro has signed a new deal with the company. Check out the tweet below

Cesaro is one of the most respected, most talented performers in WWE. Unfortunately, he’s never truly reached the heights of main event success in Vince McMahon’s company. Indeed, for many hardcore pro wrestling fans, the conversation of “unrealized potential” begins and ends with The Swiss Superman. 

But that may or may not be the case for long. Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc recently reported that Cesaro’s WWE contract will end following WrestleMania 37 on April 10-11. Cesaro has not publicly commented on this of course, but many fans are already talking about what happens if he does not resign with the company.

Setting the Bar

Cesaro has been a WWE mainstay since 2011. He’s held secondary championships and had successful tag team runs as well. His most notable tag team was The Bar, along with Sheamus. Sheamus and Cesaro cultivated their gimmick and made it their own. The Bar was one of the hottest acts in WWE at the time and the chemistry between the two men was the reason for it.

But despite what he’s done during his time in WWE, Cesaro has always been thought of as a man without a mission. He only went as far as the company would allow him to go, which is true of every Superstar, of course. But in Cesaro’s case, he definitely always seemed to have a ceiling that he could not bust through.

The reason for that has never been clear, leading fans to draw their own conclusions. Is it his image? Cesaro isn’t flashy and he doesn’t have a spectacular presentation. He’s basically just himself and trying to repackage him with a gimmick that doesn’t fit never seemed to be a good idea.

Pass the Mic

Perhaps his mic skills are an issue for WWE. Cesaro is not a highly charismatic promo and he never has been. He’s fully competent on the mic but beyond that, he doesn’t really have magic when he speaks. Maybe the reason why Cesaro has never reached the mountaintop of success in WWE doesn’t necessarily lie with him.

WWE should be the land of opportunity for the talent. Men and women from all walks of life come to the company and with hard work, perseverance and the right direction, the sky should be the limit. But the issue is that oftentimes, the limit is the sky and that definitely seems to be the case for Cesaro.

Cesaro has never received a fair shot at stardom and for the most part, WWE has never truly committed to him. He’s just not viewed as a major player in the eyes of the company for whatever reason and as long as he’s there, that view may never change. So where does Cesaro go?

Change of Setting

The most obvious destination would be AEW. Tony Khan’s company has achieved more success in its first year than most fans ever expected. AEW began as a hopeful contender and is now a legitimate option to WWE and every pro wrestling promotion in operation today. 

AEW is the home of independent stars who never worked for WWE, as well as former WWE stars who found new life and new purpose. For a star like Cesaro who has performed for audiences around the world and garners such a tremendous amount of respect from his peers, AEW could be a great landing spot for him.

New Japan Pro Wrestling could also be a great destination for him as well. The company is continuing with its expansion in the United States, which gives Cesaro more options moving forward in a post-COVID restricted era. Of course, Ring of Honor is still in business and Cesaro had a great run there prior to joining WWE. Perhaps he would want to revisit his roots once his time in WWE comes to an end.

Staying the course

However there is always a strong possibility that Cesaro will remain right where he is. WWE has given him enough to keep him on TV and perhaps that’s enough for him. It could be that Cesaro has not necessarily had his eyes on winning a world championship and if he’s getting what he needs otherwise, then he could very well be content to keep going with life as usual.

But after 21 years in the business, maybe he’s ready to leave WWE and begin a new chapter. If he does, then he will definitely have options. Cesaro could be on his way to very big things in his pro wrestling future and only time will tell where that future lies.

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