War of the Bounty Hunters

It’s a good time to be a bounty hunter. At least if your name’s Boba Fett. In addition to the characters return in the Mandalorian, and his upcoming Disney + Series, he will be the star of a Marvel/Star Wars comic in War of the Bounty Hunters.

Charles Soule will be the writer of the event, which begins in War of the Bounty Hunters: Alpha #1 on May 5th (the day after Star Wars Day). This first release will include art by Steve McNiven.

The story will continue from there to a five-issue War of the Bounty Hunters miniseries from Soule and artist Luke Ross. The series will feature tie-ins to every post-The Empire Strikes Back comic title in Marvel’s Star Wars line. That will include  Star Wars, Bounty Hunters, Darth Vader, and Doctor Aphra.

Boba’s Journey

Soule explains in an interview with StarWars.com   that the new series will detail the story of Boba Fett between when he picked up Han Solo from Darth Vader and delivered him to Jabba.

Boba Fett clearly doesn’t take Han Solo directly to Jabba’s palace. Something had to happen in between that intervening time between Empire and Jedi. And I was like, ‘I would like to tell that story, and I would like it to be about Boba Fett and what happens to him.

So for fans of Boba Fett, your guy is getting some real Star Wars and Marvel love. Share what you think of this new series with us at Geek Vibes Nation.

Source: Comicbook.Com

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