DC Universe Will Stay As Is, Won’t Merge into HBO Max For Now


Yesterday, we reported some details about the upcoming streaming service HBO Max. A lot of content that was spread across other services like Netflix will be pulled to go on Max. Such as Friends, The CW shows, and more. This left others to wonder what will happen to the DC Universe app. After all, other DC content will seemingly move to Max. And people have been worried about the state of the DC Universe ever since Swamp Thing was canceled.

Heroic Hollywood reports that the DC Universe streaming service will stay intact. That means all the shows, films, animations, and comics will stay put. So, more Doom Patrol and Titans. Just like HBO Now, the DC Universe will not be affected despite HBO Max’s upcoming launch. Still, it doesn’t mean that WarnerMedia might not change this decision sometime in the future. For now, everything is safe.

Make sure to check out the original content on DC Universe, such as Titans, Doom Patrol, and even Swamp Thing.