Now that Zack Snyder has been granted his “Snyder Cut” over at HBO Max, people want an Ayer Cut. That is, a director’s cut of David Ayer’s 2016 Suicide Squad. The film has been the topic of debate among fans. Some who enjoyed it [like me] and some who regard is as a poorly done DC film. With all of the overwhelming support directed towards Snyder, Ayer has revealed that he too wasn’t able to give us the film he wanted. This was due to the studio having their hand in the filmmaking process and restricting its director too much.

Wanting fans to know that there’s a Suicide Squad we weren’t able to see, Ayer’s been dropping little hints here and there. Similar to what Snyder did – which led to him being able to complete his version of 2017’s Justice League.

Ayer recently responded to a Twitter user who got their hands on a piece of script. This section reveals the Joker working together with the Enchantress. According to Ayer, they did shoot this scene:

Eneba Many GEOs

Whether of not Ayer gets his chance to complete his version of the 2016 film, we are getting a sequel. Directed by James Gunn and titled The Suicide Squad. It seems both Gunn and Ayer have respect for each other and in reality, it’s kind of Warner Bros. fault for adding to the confusion of their DCEU timeline. Either way, for me, the more Suicide Squad content – the better.

What do you think about this piece of script and would you like to see the Joker team up with Enchantress?

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