Nerds from around the world: hear us because you have until January 13 (that’s this Thursday) to cast a vote in Marvel Comics’ annual X-Men election! Yes, really. Your voice matters (unlike, say, a competitor of theirs in the film industry). Suppose you want to jump straight to the election, head down to, and get busy.

However, if you would like to know for whom you will cast a vote, take some time to digest the brief bios of some of the most interesting mutants to cast a spell, melt a bridge, or cause you to wake up in an untold century.

These are the cavalcade of 10 misfits…eh, mutants up for castigation for the annual X-Men election.

(NOTE: All descriptions were taken from Marvel Comics. Editorial comments are ours listed below what Marvel said.)


2022 Annual X-Men Election
Image: Marvel Comics

Hisako Ichiki can create a powerful psionic force field around herself, giving her superhuman strength and durability. She planted the first Krakoan flower on Mars, and as a member of the New Mutants, she aids her brethren across the globe.

GVN: Her name doesn’t add much for the imagination. And, aside from her mutant powers, Armor happens to be quite an arborist. Meh.


The 2022 annual X-Men election
Image: Marvel Comics

A longstanding member of the Brotherhood, Dominikos Petrakis used his seismo-kinetic powers against the X-Men. Though the Red Skull killed him, he was one of the countless mutants to be resurrected on Krakoa, where he became an agent of SWORD.

GVN: See there, geek culture fans? That’s where the imagination of an excellent mutant name helps. Shockwaves that kill or create a seismic–wait for it–avalanche. Not a bad party trick.


The 2022 annual X-Men election
Image: Marvel Comics

A former member of Gambit’s Chevaliers squad at the Xavier School, Bling! has more recently teamed up with X-23 and her team to investigate the true motives of the new Krakoan nation. She possesses a diamond-hard body, superhuman strength, and fire crystalline projectiles.

GVN: Now this woman has some serious girl power! Impregnable defense and a pretty potent office. However, she’s named after all that shiny crap swimming in Lil’ Jon’s mouth or somewhere submerged under Rick Ross’ beard. Vote at your own risk.


Image: Marvel Comics

Angelica Jones is a veteran superhero, boasting former memberships in the Avengers, New Warriors, Young Allies, and the X-Men themselves — in addition to being one of Spider-Man’s most amazing friends. Despite her codename, her powers are microwave-based, allowing her to ignite, melt or otherwise superheat whatever she targets.

GVN: This woman clearly has a bolstered follower base on Instagram. And “microwave-based” powers? Unique and good to have in a pinch for a 2 a.m. burner menu.


The 2022 annual X-Men election
Image: Marvel Comics

The first X-Man to hail from the nation of Wakanda, Nezhno Abidemi now calls Krakoa his home. His mutant power allows him to exponentially increase his musculature, giving him almost limitless strength and invulnerability.

GVN: He is from Wakanda! And he has Superman-like power. Did we mention he’s from Wakanda? Look over his rather wimpy name. It’s a head fake. Wakanda forever!


Image: Marvel Comics

Like the mythical creature of his namesake, Tomi Shishido’s gaze can turn anyone who meets it into stone. Although he possesses many other superpowers, Gorgon’s proficiency with swords is his greatest strength. Due to his skill with a blade, he was able to turn the tide at a crucial moment during the Contest of Swords in Otherworld. Unfortunately, he died doing so and came back…different.

GVN: Dude has resurrection power and can battle (and maybe best) Black Knight, Blade, and Elektra in a knife fight. It could be worse.


Image: Marvel Comics

A British mutant, Scott Wright, has served as an agent of various agencies of the Crown, including MI13 and F.I.6. In the past, he was also briefly a member of Excalibur — and, controversially, O*N*E — when he came into conflict with many of his fellow mutants.

GVN: This guy with the XXL Oakleys used to be a group member coming to the big screen following the Eternals. Trust us. If you saw the post-credits scene, you know Captain Britain is coming. And Mr. Mutant-With-Two-First-Names-As-One-Name could join them.


Image: Marvel Comics

Monet St. Croix touts herself as a near-perfect mutant specimen with a wide range of powers and talents. She is currently the co-CXO of X-Corp. Though she once considered it a burden, Monet can now shift to and from her deadly Penance form at will.

GVN: That is a blood-curdling name and persona. She’s a changeling with a near volatile temper that can be used for good. You need her to go into rage mode, tell her the truth when she asks, “Do I look fat in this spandex?”


The annual X-Men election of 2022
Image: Marvel Comics

The daughter of lauded X-Man Banshee, Theresa Cassidy, made a name for herself as a member of X-Factor, using the same sonic powers as her father. The current X-Factor team was finally able to free her from the influence of the divine being known as the Morrigan, to whom she’d sacrificed herself to save a fellow mutant.

GVN: She spells it differently to be unique, but then again, so does everyone else with their name these days. However, if she kicked a little ass in X-Factor, this girl could throw down and would deserve any consideration.


Image: Marvel Comics

One of the most powerful electrokinetics on Krakoa, Noriko Ashida can produce devastating blasts of lightning and move at incredible speeds. She’s poised to team up with her fellow New X-Men alums to protect the next generation of mutantdom.

GVN: Imagine The Flash who could shoot the same crap that comes from his feet through his fingers. That’s Surge. Cool, but X-Men already has Quicksilver and Storm. Guess this would be their fun baby?


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