Doom Patrol is becoming jaw-dropping shocking and intense. Episode five: Finger Patrol’s finale had my jaw resting on the floor. Doom Patrol has never shied away from blood or serious topics, but season two is really transforming into something else. It’s a natural progression. The weird and silly are still there, but we’re not playing games anymore. With Rita trying to move on from the memory of her mother, Cliff looking to a new version of himself, and Larry wanting a relationship with his son, Doom Patrol season two has a more cohesive linear storyline than season one’s more episodic adventures.

Some Spoilers

I always enjoyed the way Cliff spoke with Niles. While the others seemingly are morphing back into the way things have always been, Cliff is like the adult. Who can speak on the same level as Niles and makes it known that he is not willing to live in the blissfully ignorant bubble that they had for decades. Of course, Cliff is who he is and has a very ridiculous moment with Vic, which made me smile greatly. I do truly hope that Niles or someone is able to give Cliff the ability of touch – the guy deserves it.

The Only Downfall of This Episode

To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the direction they decided to go in with Larry and his son. I would have much rather Larry have a better relationship with his son. To be the opposite of Cliff and accomplish mending a bond with Paul. But, I suppose depression and self-loathing is a part of Larry’s character. Perhaps the show is truly trying to make it where Larry and Cliff stop trying to yearn for their past and what would have occurred if they were around to be the fathers they wanted to be. With those options off the table, the Doom Patrol is truly they’re only family. If they have nothing to gain from communicating from the outside world, then they have no reason to leave.

Baby Doll is Not Happy

The main storyline of episode five is Crazy Jane and Dorothy’s conflict. Or should I say, Baby Doll? At first, it seems like a match made in heaven. Both are little girls and both like to play. But, the two butt heads eventually. Unlike actual little girls, powers and untapped abilities get thrown into the mix. It makes for some really dangerous play-time and the repercussions will most likely change the course of the rest of the season. I have to say, I do love how Hammerhead has become sort of the bodyguard and leader of the Underground, even though Jane is the primary.

Rating: 4/5

Despite me not agreeing with what they decided to do with Larry and his son, Paul, I was still very impressed with this episode. It admittedly flowed better than episode four and displayed some very intense moments. The finale of the season really had me making the “whoa” face, because it was certainly not an outcome I expected. Dorothy is much more than an eternal little girl – she’s dangerous. And pretty soon, the Doom Patrol is going to have to take this threat seriously.

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