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The Tomb Raider sequel is finally making moves. We reported recently that the film was looking to cast for the role of Rourke, an international assassin. In the video game series, Commander Rourke, also known by the codename Paladin One, is the leader of Trinity’s military forces and second-in-command to Dr. Pedro Dominguez.

We’ve got some more news today regarding the plot. It looks like Lara will be heading to Central America as the film will follow her on a Mayan adventure. This could mean that the film will be borrowing some from Shadow of the Tomb Raider storyline. There could be a mix of Rise and Shadow, as that was the plan when Ben Wheatley was on board.

We also reported that the movie was looking to incorporate more supernatural elements to the film but that was under the previous director. Not sure Misha will go the same route or not but it’s safe to assume she will. She was the showrunner for Lovecraft Country after all.

We have some new casting details for you plus we have the first logline for the movie. The film is currently casting for the role of KITA, who is described as a Mayan village girl. The role will be a supporting role and they are looking for an Hispanic female age 10-14.

Another role being cast is for ANDI, a friend of LARA. Role will be supporting as well and they are looking to cast an African American female age 20-30.

The logline for the movie states:

Lara Croft embarks on a Mayan adventure which finds her marked for assassination by Trinity leader Ana Miller. 

This is great news for Tomb Raider fans as we have our first idea of where the movie will be set plus we have even more character descriptions. The filming locations are still showing as WARNER BROS. STUDIOS LEAVESDEN, ENGLAND, GBR / CAPE TOWN FILM STUDIOS, ZAF which could change. There is also no word yet on casting or when filming might take place but stay tuned to GVN as we get more details we will be sure to share them.

Tomb Raider: Obsidian stars Alicia Vikander and is directed by Misha Green.


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