With everyone trying to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, fans are looking for things to fill their time. This would include asking ABC to send in the Agents of Shield during this time of crisis. At least that is the message one fan sent in and it was retweeted by stars Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennett.

Eneba Many GEOs

This request was echoed by many fans as with their self-imposed isolation, they are looking for some good news. Others were not as sure. Their fear was by releasing the season early, it also meant bringing the impending end of the series closer. Such are the kind of the decisions that are thrust upon us during this pandemic.

Of course, ABC has made no response to this. So for now, it’s the status quo as per when the final season will premier. Which means fans will have to settle for binging on the past seasons to prepare for the final. That is my plan. In fact, in the coming weeks, my lovely wife and I will be discussing Agents of Shield during our Coffee Binge Podcast. If you haven’t checked it out yet. Please give it a listen. You might as well, at least until the Agents of Shield come to the rescue.

H/T: ComicBook

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