If there’s one thing that fan’s love to do is to speculate what is going on with their favorite projects. Such was the case when Eternal’s cast member Kumail Nanjiani posted what might have been an innocent photo. The actor posted a picture that included himself, fellow cast mate Brian Tyree Henry, Nanjiani’s wife Emily V. Gordon, and Legion cast member Dan Stevens. His caption was innocent enough: “Awesome London times with awesome peoples.”

That photo was all it took. Fans started speculating about Dan Stevens Legion character Dan Heller possible appearing in the Eternals. While there is always a possibility of additional cast members being added to the film, it could be that Nanjiani is just good friends with Stevens. Although, what fun would THAT be? Would you like to see Legion’s Dan Heller involved in The Eternals? Share what you think that photo might mean with us at GeekVibesNation.


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