The new Joker movie trailer is now out and with it an obvious example of Arthur Fleck’s origin story and his descent into madness. Joaquin Phoenix is starring and I have to say ever since he was cast for the Warner Bros. flick, I thought whoever was in charge of choosing him was spot-on as Phoenix does very well in playing mad characters. All-in-all, he does well with a lot of characters, especially emotionally charged ones.

In the trailer, he is seen going into madness, but also is seemingly pulling off planting a seed in the community influence. There is an air of satisfaction on his face as he looks to be pulling off an attempt that Heath Ledger’s Joker had done in The Dark Knight. An attempt to corrupt a community by putting them in a position to make an ethical decision. In the Nolan directed flick, the Joker suggested to Batman that all someone has to be is given is “a little push” to make them descend into a corrupt decision…an evil decision.

At the end of the trailer here, Phoenix’s Joker requests to be introduced by his “proper” title as he makes his way to the stage. What kind of presentation he’ll give is a mystery, but I bet it won’t be a pleasant room should Arthur/Joker have a scheme up his sleeve.

The subway station of the Joker trailer shows crowds piling on top of each other for whatever reason and this seems to be reminiscent of the ferry boat scene in The Dark Knight. As you can recall,┬ácitizens are faced with the decision of blowing each other up. Ledger’s Joker failed in this case, but I wonder if the opposite will be true and this NEW Joker will start a cascade effect that’ll get the ball rolling on the now well-known and corrupt Gotham that we are all familiar with.

Of course, some may bend to Joker’s will like that of the Ledger’s villain. Don’t forget Harvey Dent’s descent into madness a la Two Face. One has to wonder what character villains, if any, will come into the picture in this Scorsese-influenced film, especially under the influence of this new DC/Warner Bros. introduced villain.

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