2020 has been a disappointing year thus far, for so many reasons. This is especially true for those fans who like to attend conventions. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil during the CV-19 world we are living in. And while we as Geeks know that there is always next year, that still leaves a void. GalaxyCon Live has done its best to fill that space. GalaxyCon Live provides fans an outlet that doesn’t require them to travel, but still lets them interact with some of their favorites.

Throughout the last few months, GalaxyCon has given fans an opportunity to interact in a free Q&A with select Celebrities from their guest roster. In addition, fans may purchase one on one 2 minute chats with the celebrities. Plus they can purchase a video shoutout from certain celebrities. All of these choices are available on their  site.

To take advantage of this, fans can go to the GalaxyCon website to see what is upcoming as far as scheduled Q&A’s. The actual event is free but you do need to apply for a special code. You would select the Q&A you want to see as if you were buying a ticket but there is no charge. Once you have completed the process, they email the code you will use when the scheduled Q&A begins. I recently watched the Star Trek Q&A with Marina Sirtis and Brent Spiner. They answer select questions posted during the live streaming event which usually last a little less than an hour.

If you purchased the One on One Chat, those generally take place after the main Q&A. Your emailed receipt will post the details. So if you miss the opportunity the conventions provide to talk to some of your favorite celebrities, GalaxyCon is doing its part. Would a virtual Q&A fill the void for you if you have missed the ComicCons? Share your opinions of this alternative with us at Geek Vibes Nation.


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