The Boys are back! Season two has just premiered on Amazon Prime! Hope everyone is ready for it! We’ve interviewed the likes of Antony Starr, Laz Alonso, and Karen Fukuhara. We now present an exclusive interview with Cameron Crovetti. The young actor who plays Homelander’s son in the hit show. Check the interview out below!

GVN: How Was the Audition Process for The Boys Season 2?

Cameron: My mom is an acting coach and has been our coach since we were little. The scene I had to audition for was pretty intense. But since I live in California and The Boys shoots in Toronto, my mom has to put me on tape. The audition was before The Boys came out so we had to do our research on the show and dig around to get the feel of how the show was going to be. I filmed my audition and we got word about a month later that I had booked the role.

What can you tell us about your character?

Cameron: I play Ryan Butcher, the son of Homelander. However I grew up not knowing who my dad was so I am a little surprised when I find out Homelander is my dad. Ryan goes through a lot during season two. He finds out who his dad is and that he is a superhero. Also if you know the show, you will probably guess that being the son of Homelander has its ups and downs and is never a dull moment. Ryan has to deal with a lot being the son of Homelander.

How was it acting alongside actors like Antony Starr and Karl Urban?

Cameron: Amazing!!! Antony is seriously a funny guy. He plays this intense guy on screen but off-screen he is so fun and full of energy. I was nervous to meet him at first but when I walked into the green room, Antony put out his hand to shake mine and then started chatting with me and telling really funny stories and making me laugh. Karl is also way cool. After one intense scene we did together, when we finished and wrapped,  he went out of his way to find me and see if I was ok and told me he loved what I did in that scene. I really appreciated that.

What was the most fun you’ve had on set?

Cameron: Omg I had so much fun on the set of The Boys. I had to do a lot of cool stunts. If you have watched the trailers, Homelander pushes Ryan off a roof. That was so fun to film.  The director told Anthony not to push me each time so I would not know when I was really going to get pushed. So Antony and I had fun joking around when he would push me or not.

Who is your favorite superhero?

Cameron: Duh! Homelander lol

Was there any scene that was hard to do?

Cameron: Totally. I can’t tell you what happens but at the end of the season there is a scene that is really intense for Ryan. The crew was cool and gave my mom and I space right before we shot so I could get in the emotions that Ryan was feeling. When the director yelled rolling I was able to step right into the scene and shoot. It was really emotional and draining but I was really happy with the work I did that day.

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