Scott Adkins is an English actor who is best known for premiering in Zero Dark Thirty, Wolf Warrior, and Doctor Strange. Adkins is also promoting his new film Seized, which will hit DVD on October 13th. Our associate Dillon Gonzales actually wrote a review for Seized in August – which you can check out here.

Now we’re excited to announce that our associate Shawn Ventura of Lights, Camera, Pro! had the opportunity to speak one on one with Scott. You can find their interview below!

[Shawn]: Great to talk to you. I want to start out by saying [Seized] was a fun movie, lots of action, lots of fighting. I enjoyed it.

[Scott]: Good! That’s what I normally do. Seemed like a good idea when I was 12.

Did you do anything different to prepare for this role?

Not really. That’s what I do, isn’t it? It’s just another day at the office. The director is a good friend of mine. The director basically gave me a career. Plucked me from obscurity and gave me a chance. I’m always happy to work with Isaac. We have done so many films together that we know what we are doing. There’s no preparation needed.

How was it working with Mario Van Peebles?

Oh, he was a great guy. A fabulous actor, obviously. It was amazing to watch him work. I was reading all of my lines off camera while he was doing all of his acting on the phone, and it was a pleasure to watch him work. He’s a fabulous actor.

Is there a favorite scene for you in this movie? One that you really enjoyed shooting?

Not really.

Were there any surprises that happened? Or was it smooth sailing all the way?

Many surprises, many challenges, many unexpected curveballs. Nothing the audience will ever know about. It’s all part of making independent movies, you know? Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you don’t. You just have to get on with it and do your best.

I’m curious, since I’ve seen you in The Expendable and a lot of your other action movies that are similar. It kind of reminds me of John Wick and other Jason Statham movies. How long does a fight scene take to shoot? For example, the two guys in the kitchen. Is that a full day shoot or just a couple of hours? Is that complicated?

That’s a couple of hours for me. Now, if you are lucky, if you are Jason Statham, you might have a couple of days for that. But for me, it’s a couple of hours.

The gun shooting scenes, especially on the ranch in Mexico. Just tons of shooting and firefights. Is that easy to go through because of the special effects? Do you just fly through those in a couple of hours, or is that more complicated?

No, I don’t like digital. You can tell in the movie that we are using guns with real blanks, which I feel changes the atmosphere. Looks more real when you are firing one of those things. Just the expression on your face. If you are doing up close stuff like in John Wick and you are shooting somebody’s head or face, obviously you have to use the airsoft pistols. But it’s best to use the blank firing ones when you can. It was mostly blank firing ones on this, but we had to use an airsoft pistol in the club. If you are doing the real thing, you need a good pyrotechnics guy that can set off the squibs and the sparks and the circuits. That’s what makes a gunfight movie look good is when you can get a proper guy like that who is spending good money on that like when a bullet hits the wall and stuff like that.

I ran into your YouTube Channel The Art of Action, and I watched the Steven Seagal one. When you were growing up and getting into this business, who was your hero? Was it Steven Seagal, Van Damme, or someone else?

I’m a student of action cinema, and I love movies. When I was a teenager I looked up to all of the guys – all of the people that I interview in The Art of Action. I have a respect for all of them. You know, Van Damme, Bruce Lee, and Jackie Chan were the main guys for me. But that doesn’t mean to say that I didn’t grow up loving Steven Seagal and Schwarzenegger and Stallone. Everyone from Gary Daniels to Jeff Speakman and Cynthia Rock. Anyone who has ever been able to entertain me with these movies growing up, I got respect for all of them. I’ve got something from all of them. I’ve gained knowledge from all of them, and it’s been great interviewing them, as well, as I learn even more from talking to them. It’s for me to give them a platform on my little show because I’m relevant working today, and maybe some people haven’t seen their movies. Maybe I can introduce some classic stuff to the younger audience, as well. I think it’s been a worthy endeavor.

I know you were in The Expendable 2 and worked with some of those guys. What was that like working with them?

That’s a dream come true, isn’t it? Working with those guys. It was just a pleasure to join the club by Stallone.

Yeah, I love Stallone. One of my idols as a kid; Rocky, Rambo. One final question, what is your next project? What are you working on next?

I’m doing a film with Dolph Lundgren called Castle Falls. We are resuming production next week because we got shut down. I’m really looking forward to doing all of that.

Be sure you check out Dillon’s review and Shawn’s podcast – both incredibly talented individuals that are party of the GVN family!

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