[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”7315″ img_size=”1000×666″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Sony’s Spider-Man PS4 game is the hottest selling game of the year and many stores have been unable to keep it on its shelves. One of the talents behind the success of the game is actress Tara Platt. Tara who plays New York Detective and Spider-Man ally Yuri Watanabe, sat down with us at Geek Vibes Nation for an EXCLUSIVE interview.

GVN: Thanks for joining us today Tara. First off, When did realize that you wanted to be an actor and how did you get into voice acting?

Tara: I was a kid, and after seeing a musical with my mom, I knew it was the path I wanted to take. From there cut to me graduating from University with a BFA in Theatre and heading to NYC and then LA to make a living. I was looking for work as an actor and sort of fell in to VO.

GVN: Do you credit anyone or anything as your motivation or inspiration for getting into show business?

Tara:  Hmm!  Well, my mom had a love for theatre so I saw a lot of shows with her as a kid, and she had done plays so she was able to help me navigate the start of my career. She was always really respectful of me taking the reins (she was definitely not a stage mom) it was up to me to find auditions and do the work of rehearsals/shows. But she was 100% supportive and would take me to auditions or rehearsals, and even run lines with me if I asked her to, and she would come to see every show I did!

GVN: You have got quite an impressive resume, Can you tell us your most memorable acting job and what has been your favorite character to play?

Tara:  There have definitely been some stand-outs. Getting to play Juliet in Romeo & Juliet at the Pasadena Civic directed by John deLancie, and then having him ask me to work on his show First Nights in a role he wrote for me for the Walt Disney Concert Hall, was flattering and humbling. It is always exciting to play characters that have an audience appeal and iconic roles like Wonder Woman – such big shoes to step into. And also, I’ve been fortunate to be a content creator and storyteller with my own production and publishing company thus getting to fill in my world with outstanding and unique roles that I cherish.

GVN: Is there a character out there that’d you’d like a chance at doing the voice for that haven’t had the chance to yet?

Tara: Gosh, I’m sure I will see something and wish that I had a chance to work on it, and there are always things that are being created that really are in my wheelhouse, that I may not even know about but I’m pretty happy with my work to date.

GVN: How does voicing a Cartoon differ from voicing a video game? And do you have a preference?

Tara: Well I guess it depends on if you get a group record session in where you can work opposite the other actors or not. In a video game you work solo in the booth and that means you have to exercise your own imagination more, while actor interactivity means working your listening and reaction muscles more. They are both fun and vital parts of acting.

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GVN:  You have a huge role in one of the biggest games ever made, Sony’s Spider-Man? Has it sunk in just how big this game has become and how does that feel?

Tara: Oh thanks. I mean, I would say it is hard to really understand the scope of the game, but I am glad to hear people are liking it and that it has been well-received. I was so proud of the team who put so much work and passion into the project, that it is exciting to see it garnering attention.

GVN:  Have you had the chance to actually sit down and play the game?

Tara: No, I have watched the cut scenes and other folks play!

GVN:  Were they any moments in the game story wise that you were not aware of that surprised you once you found out?

Tara: Well, I didn’t know the Spiderverse as well as Yuri (my husband, Yuri Lowenthal – who happens to play Peter Parker, not the character I play – Yuri Watanabe) so it was nice to learn more about it as we worked on it.

GVN: When it comes to comic book films are you pro Marvel or DC? If given the chance to be in either franchise who would you want to play?

Tara: I am pro-fun and pro-working, so I’m ready and willing to jump aboard either. I mean, I have played Wonder Woman, so who could be next?

GVN:  Tara before we wrap this up we just want ask one last question and give you the chance to promote or talk about any upcoming projects or things you might be working on.

Tara: I have a comedy series streaming on Amazon called Whatta Lark, about a woman deciding if she wants to have a baby and striking up an unusual friendship with a Drag mom. I have several books I’ve published and am currently working on a YA title. I just gave a TEDx Talk with Yuri Lowenthal on Your Life Story: Using Story Structure to Navigate Crisis. I am currently recording a podcast with one of my best friends and we are shopping it around at the moment, so I guess the answer is YES?! Oh and our production company Monkey Kingdom Productions is helping produce the amazing first-ever interactive live sci-fi series Orbital Redux on Nerdist/Project Alpha with Butcher Bird Studios and Legendary, it stars Yuri as pilot Max Levodolinsky and runs this fall live on Thursday nights 5:45p PST on Alpha.


If you have not had a chance to grab a copy of Sony’s Spider-Man then what are you waiting for? You do not want to miss Tara and the rest of the wonderful cast in the hottest game of the year.


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