Ghostbusters 2020 movie fans are highly anticipating this sequel. According to Bad Taste, it never had a definitive title until now. (Translated to English). Their sources revealed the movie will be titled “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”. Dan Aykroyd made a statement yesterday via The Greg Hill Show shedding some light on what we could expect. Most notably, an awareness of missed loved ones.

“The young actors are fantastic, and we have a beautiful setting and a wonderful story. It will be scary, it will provoke reflections and it will be a film really made with the heart. You will notice it if you have loved ones you miss and that you have lost. It will be evocative”.

The Ghostheads UK Podcast Facebook pageĀ  posted the news via screen shots of the Bad Taste site.

Personally, I’d take this with a grain of salt. I think Bad Taste is basing the title off what Aykroyd had said and then running with it. They are calling it exclusive, but I hadn’t seen any trade publications make a report. Bad Taste claims that the “Afterlife” title will be officially announced in a few weeks. Bad Taste also stated that the film will somehow pay homage to Egon Spengler “in some way”. Could the gang meet the late Harold Ramis/Egon in some fashion? Will they open a portal to yet another planar existence and bump into their old colleague and pal?

Ghostbusters 2020 could have “Afterlife” in its title, however, if the content in the movie pertains to the afterlife, it doesn’t mean it’ll be named as such. It may simply be Ghostbusters 3 with the ghost donning three fingers.

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