We all agree that GPS tracking applications are a huge blessing in our lives. No matter where you have to go, you can easily add your application’s location, and it will automatically outline the best route for you. GPS is not only used for finding places. GPS devices are great for tracking as well. Did you know that you can also track your dog with the help of GPS chips? Yes, you can. So you do not need to stay on guard at all times. You can easily find your furry friend with a GPS chip if it gets lost or runs away. We have collected information regarding GPS chips for dogs. Keep reading to find out whether they even exist and are they even safe or not.

Types of Dog Tracking Devices

Three primary devices are used for tracking pets: microchip implants, GPS, and radiofrequency. Every technology has its own pros and cons. Microchip implants are very popular. They have information in case the dog gets lost or is separated from its owner. But do these microchips have GPS? The answer is no. There is a common misconception that GPS chips exist for dogs. But they do not. When a lost dog is found, it can be scanned for the implant on which the information is saved. It can then be used to contact the owner.

Radiofrequency tracking devices have a transmitter and a receiver. The tracking device is placed on the dog’s collar. It sends signals to the transmitter base that is with the owner.

GPS pet trackers are available in the market. However, such devices require many elements and have short battery life. Moreover, they are pretty big, so you cannot implant them.

Are there GPS Chips for Dogs?

We are often asked this question whether there are any microchips with GPS for dogs or pets. People are usually confused. This is because they mix microchips with GPS microchips. Microchips implants are available, and they store information as discussed above. However, these implants cannot be used for tracking purposes. GPS microchips do not exist to date. Although they would be a great blessing for dog owners, sadly, there is no such thing.

GPS Capability

The main reason why there are no GPS microchips is that such trackers are bulky and require several elements. It is difficult to install a GPS on a small chip that can be easily inserted into your furry friend’s skin or body. A GPS tracker has five main elements. It has a battery, a GSM module, LED, Antenna, and a loudspeaker. All these cannot be fitted on a tiny microchip.


We hope that this article helped clear any confusion you had regarding GPS microchips. Today, there are tracking collars available for dogs, but there are not any GPS chips. Someday, technology may make it possible for owners to place GPS microchips on their furry friends, but we cannot say anything as of now. Hopefully, the future will present pet parents with better GPS chip options.

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