GVN Review: TKO Rogue Tales of Terror ‘One Eye Open,’ A Novella by Alex Grecian and Illustrated by Andrea Mutti

One Eye Open

One usually thinks of going home as a happy time. A chance to reconnect with old friends and family. An opportunity to remember when things were simpler. At least that is the ideal situation. But for Laura Loaf and her daughter Juniper, this wasn’t some glorious homecoming. Laura’s mother had recently passed away and had left the family home to her. Considering she had also recently lost her husband, this was just one more in a string of bad things.  So, they had traveled back to Denmark. As far as Juniper knew, they were just there to put her grandmother’s affairs in order. She didn’t anticipate a long stay. At least, that was her hope.

All she knew was that she was away from her friends, with no Wi-Fi and and nothing to do. When combined with the fact that Godhavn was the only local town in the midst of farming country. The prospects didn’t look too good. Before too long, Juniper would learn there were secrets in Godhavn. Ones that intertwined around the town, her family and the farms that surrounded it. But make no mistake, when it came to those farms, the crops must be harvested. One way or the other. And as for Juniper, she would learn things aren’t always what they seem. When it comes to the town, her family or herself.

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New York Times bestselling author Alex Grecian has created a deeply disturbing but addictive page turner in TKO Rogue Tales of Terror’s One Eye Open. Taking what seems like an innocent but all too often necessary reconciliation of a loved ones passing, and molding it into a suspenseful thriller. One that masterfully builds slowly but by midway, grabs ahold of you and keeps you engaged, although all you want to do is close the book and breathe. Grecian mixes a perflect blend of small town mythology and horror with a concept that while horrific, almost makes sense in application. Other than the need to “fire” the created help after the harvest. When mixed with the talents of artist Andrea Mutti’s water color illustrations, One Eye Open is 152 pages of can’t stop until you finish excellence. With an ending that left me thinking a bit…which in the end is what a good book should do.

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