Well, the New Year is here and so is the heightened giddiness of the most anticipated movies of 2022. It’s no secret the pandemic has throttled the entertainment industry. Ampere Analysis (via THR) suggested the global entertainment sector is set “to lose $160 billion of growth” over the next five years.

Theaters were shuttered. Employees were furloughed. Movies were delayed. And our escape from reality closed. That was 2019, and then 2020. Last year, the comeback was in. Naturally, Marvel led the way to illustrate that people were willing to go back to the theater if the movie was worth it. Following “Black Widow,” “Eternals,” and “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” it’s clear Hollywood is back open for business.

On we go into 2022, which may benefit from the pandemic because there are some much-awaited flicks in there. But which ones give you sweaty palms, bated breath, and carte blanche to the RunPee app. (Okay, that’s just for us bladderly challenged folk.)

Here are our most anticipated movies of 2022

Fair warning: Some of your most anticipated movies of 2022 may not make the list for a simple reason – we only made room for some.

The 355

Source: Universal Pictures/Freckle Films

January 7 (US/UK)

“X-Men” famed Simon Kinberg, a spy thriller, and all those skilled actresses in one movie? The pandemic made us wait a year for this. It’ll be worth it. This cast will almost guarantee girl power has staying power! Oh, and there’s Sebastian Stan too.


Source: LionsGate/Centropolis Entertainment

February 4 (US/UK)

Is there anyone who loves to destroy this planet more than Roland Emmerich? “Independence Day,” “2012,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” and now the moon is out of orbit, so “Mama, there go that bad man again.” Seriously, dude. See a doctor and get that evil vice checked before you really hurt someone.


anticipated movies of 2022
Source: Universal Pictures/Bay Films

February 18 (US/UK)

Directed by Michael Bay, so you know what that means? Explosion porn. However, with Jake Gyllenhall and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, there is going to be a gripping story in there among the rubble.

Downton Abbey: A New Era

Source: Universal Pictures/Focus Features

March 18 (US)/TBA (UK)

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t care for this concept on Netflix or even when it dominated PBS. This was a money-making empire in colonial bougie England and the fans are clamoring for a sequel. Trust people will make their way to this one, even if it’s just a rental from their bed on a Sunday morning.

DC League of Super-Pets

most anticipated movies of 2022
Source: Warner Animated Group/DC Entertainment

May 20 (US/UK)

Why? Because this equals young children and toys. Ka-ching! But, please, for the love of Krypton, someone tell me why we get another movie with The Rock and Kevin Hart (this time starring as super canines), but we still can’t get a “Man of Steel” 2?! Hey WarnerMedia, pick up the white courtesy phone!


Source: Warner Bros./Bazmark Films

June 24 (US)/TBA (UK)

You are staring at an Oscar contender right here. From newcoming star Austin Butler to Baz Luhrmann as director to Tom Hanks who is the lead supporting actor, this will get some serious buzz and will knock people out like peanut butter and banana sammiches.

Knives Out 2


Here we go. Benoit Blanc returns and we can’t wait. Rian Johnson created a new genre of “whodunit” with this refreshing spin, and it was fantastic. Good to know 007 can still get work out there. Life’s hard for a (potentially) dead secret agent.

And now, on with the show…



January 14 (US/UK)

They’re bringing most of the band back together from Wes Craven’s slasher classic that resurrected the horror genre. Ghostface is back and targeting a new batch of horrified teenagers. The catch is Woodsboro’s past finds its way to the present. That may be worth the price of admission right there.



Poor Tom Holland. The guy just needs some work, and all these money-making juggernauts keep getting in the way. Video game movies haven’t always been revenue positive, but it’s that video game, with that guy. Things should turn around quickly in this genre, don’t you think? And if not, then get on the video games for a few months.

February 18 (US/UK)


The Batman

This film is the one of 2022. Period. It could be more than a $1 billion cash register for WarnerMedia and DC Films. If that wasn’t enough, this film could—and will—be the renaissance all DC Comics fans have wanted. And Matt Reeves is going to deliver it to us all faster than Usain Bolt after a Mongolian food buffet.

March 4 (US/UK)



Remember when we were delaying “Morbius”? Fans could count on this movie in January. Yeah, those were the days. (Ironic that the damn thing is now scheduled for April Fools Day.) Anywho, this is going to be the busy intersection of Spider-Man/Sony traffic for which we’ve been waiting. Venom is mentioned in the trailer. A Sony Spider-man baddie is in the trailer. And we all know Jared Leto needs a win in the CBM genre. This could be the one for all of us to enjoy, namely since Sony has been working for this for years.

April 1 (US)

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

Johnny Depp is gone and so is the intrigue that these prequels will match “Harry Potter.” The first two felt like a drive-thru to get Happy Meals and find no friggin’ gift in there. And the fries were missing too! However, for some familiar reason, this third installment leading up to World War II may be the one to reinvigorate the Potterverse.

April 15 (US)/April 8 (UK)

The Northman

Why is it that Robert Eggers can make anything from an independent movie look like a remarkable sight found buried in a museum? If any other director had this script, it would have looked like a “Braveheart” knock-off. But this looks fantastic and who knew Alexander Skarsgard had those abs?! Did “300” call for a sequel? This will be a must-see.

April 22 (US)/TBA (UK)


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Well, spoiler alert – there’s a trailer out for the “Doctor Strange” sequel. This was always one of the most anticipated movies of 2022, but now that we know The Necromancer will be in the multiverse with Baron Mordo. If “The Batman” wasn’t flying into theaters in 2022, this would be the one to lead all 2022 movies!

May 6 (US/UK)

Top Gun: Maverick

Do you feel the need for speed…again? This movie has been delayed more times than DC Comics’ promise of a universe we can all enjoy. This will be Tom Cruise’s summer as this is his first of two anticipated movies of 2022. Is that a good thing? Who knows? Maybe, it could be a flight into the Danger Zone. (Sorry.)

May 27 (US)/TBA (UK)


Jurassic World: Dominion

This is what happens when “Back to the Future” and “Godzilla” hook up in a trailer out back in the movie lot. The past is meeting the present as the OG cast pays it forward because dino-poachers abduct young Maisie. And then we have a velociraptor taking over a high school prom or something. It should be an eventful trip.

June 10 (US/UK)


Although we may have received one “Toy Story” too many (and really, how can you get better than the ending to “Toy Story 3” to end a trilogy), we do like a good prequel. And “Lightyear” seems to be the man behind the much-ballyhooed action figure. For grins, we have Chris Evans as Buzz in this one, so that will get the nerds clamoring for sure.

June 17 (US/UK)


Thor: Love and Thunder

Marvel is so good about keeping their traps shut (barring the occasional Tom Holland faux pas), and this fourth edition of the God of Thunder has everyone guessing who is wielding Mjolnir? Will it be Thor or is Jane finally becoming worthy? Even though we think we know what will happen, we don’t…that is, until July.

July 8 (US)/TBA (UK)


Source: Universal Pictures/Monkeypaw Productions

Don’t even act like you’re not jonesin’ for another Jordan Peele-directed movie. The man has an enigmatic appeal and barely gives up any details until the film is released. You know? Like M. Night Shyamalan, but with sustaining power. All we have is a kite string and an ominous cloud. Gloomy days ahead, so get your umbrella with your popcorn.

July 22 (US)/TBA (UK)

Black Adam

Meet the savior of DC Films, Dwayne Johnson. Ever since Aldis Hodge was named as Hawkman, there was never a doubt – at least, for this nerd – where The Rock was going with this movie. Sure, it’s a “Shazam” sequel, but it’s so much more. You heard it here second (heard it here first) that we will get the Justice Society of America. And that is reason to celebrate and miss high-fives at local Comic-cons.

July 29 (US)/TBA (UK)


Salem’s Lot

Source: Warner Bros./Atomic Monster

September 9 (US)/TBA (UK)

Two words: Stephen King. Two more: Gary Dauberman, as in “The Conjuring”. This is one of the master’s most celebrated books and the movie (1979) and TV series (2004) just hasn’t cut it. Something says this vampiric tale will do the trick.

Mission: Impossible 7

Mission Impossible is one of the most anticipated movies of 2022
Source: Paramount Pictures/Skydance Media

Ethan Hunt is back with another death wish…eh, movie and Tom Cruise is always the man to make it happen. You’d think he was going to die because this film has been kicked back multiple times thanks to COVID (and the random CDC-accredited hissy from Cruise). Still no date in sight, so let’s see if the Church of Scientology has a word about the trailer.

September 30 (US)/TBA (UK)


Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: Part One

Think of any animated superhero DVD you’ve ever cherished. Now, compare it to Miles Morales’ first appearance on the big screen. Odds are your original favorite cartoonish movie may pale in comparison. This wasn’t just a great animated CBM; it was a great CBM. And now, we are going to see part one of a sequel. Yes, please!

October 7 (US)/TBA (UK)

Halloween Ends

Source: Miramax/Blumhouse Productions

Michael Myers is coming back…again. Considering the disarray he left the Strode household in “Halloween Kills,” William Shatner…er, Michael Myers needs to stop by one more time. Maybe, he’ll challenge Laurie to a spirited game of Trivial Pursuit. Who knows? Whatever game they play, it’ll be worth a trip to the theater.

October 14 (US)/TBA (UK)


The Flash

Now that Marvel showed us a multiverse can be seen on the big screen, DC Films are catching up. Again. (Sigh.) But going all the way to 1989 and getting the OG of cinematic heroes, Michael Keaton, to be in this 2022 movie?! That’s gangster. What’s that saying back then? Amazeballs!

November 4 (US/UK)

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Source: Marvel Studios

God bless Chadwick Boseman. And Marvel for not retooling his character. That alone is why this is one of the most anticipated movies of 2022. Yes, there have been multiple people to play multiple characters, but none of them died tragically. (Outside of George Reeves, but Christopher Reeve was decades later.) This movie will range the full gamut of emotion. And no one will miss it.

November 11 (US)/TBA (UK)

Creed III

Source: MGM/Warner Bros.

Sylvester Stallone has never met a sequel project he didn’t like, and now Michael B. Jordan can thank him for that because bringing Apollo’s son to life in this trilogy has been a fantastic ride. Now, will Adonis face Mr. T’s kid (we’ll call him T.T. because we’re five years old)? Wait and see.

November 23 (US)/TBA (UK)


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

This behind-the-scenes teaser from DC FanDome is so sweet. We know Black Manta and Orm are back, but what else? No one knows what to expect of this one of the most anticipated movies of 2022, but it’s simple to deduce that not a single DC fan is going to miss this sequel. The first one became the most successful DC film ever made. So, what do you think will happen with this one? Now, if only James Wan can stay away from the schmaltzy crap soundtracks.

December 16 (US/UK)

Avatar 2

Source: 20th Century Fox/Lightstorm Entertainment

It has been a long time since we heard from James Cameron. Last we knew, he was making Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5 concurrently. That, and getting secretly butthurt because “Endgame” took his record – and then he re-released the original just to get it back. How this guy lives up the hype of this sequel is beyond comprehension. But he’s going to try.

December 16 (US)/TBA (UK)

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