STORYWORLDS FAB, Book 1: Pandora

Imagine if you will, a technology that would allow you to create…or recreate, almost any living or inanimate thing. You could make clones of yourself, or your favorite pet. Need a new car? Recreate one. The  possibilities are almost endless as are the possible dangers involved. Such is the world created in Storyworld’s FAB Book 1: Pandora by writer Ramzee and artist Stefano Simeone.

The story revolves around a young lady named Marcia Clay. She had recently served in the military, post Iraq invasion. Which basically meant she spent most of her time waiting for action that never came.  So when she was discharged, she found herself looking for a path. She worked as a bouncer at several dive bars before that path eventually lead her to a security job at a research lab. This “assignment” was proving to be as sedate as her last military posting when in an instant, that all changed.

While on duty at the security desk, she found herself engaged with a strange pig like creature that had invaded the lab. As the battle continued, she decided to turn on the gas in the lab and discharge her taser. The resulting explosion found her in the hospital with no memory of how she got there. And to make matters weirder, she awoke to be questioned by man in a suit with the head of an Eagle.

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Introduction to the FAB

He explained that he was a member of a Government Agency known as the “Company.” In addition, that creature that she fought was no creation of that lab but a FAB. This “Fabrication” was created by  special 3D Printer that could replicate anything, living or inanimate.  This particular version of the FAB technology had recently been released on the Black Market and the Dark Web as a test run. The creature that she fought was the byproduct of one such device that was tracked to the lab. Unfortunately, she blew the lab up before their people could retrieve the FAB Technology.

However, her appearance does present an opportunity for them…and her. They would like to recruit her for the Company. Her military skills would come in handy and it would give her an opportunity to travel, save the world, and get well paid to do so. Or she could go back to tossing out miscreants at Dive Bars. How could she say no to a well dressed man with an Eagle head? She accepted the position.

Which Me is ME?

This set in motion a series of events, each weirder than the last. Starting with revealing an identical corpse in the next room. This FAB would allow for Marcia to appear to have been killed after her skirmish in the Lab and allow her the freedom to do her assignments for the “Company.” It also opened Marcia up to having massive identity issues, rampant trust concerns, and more twists and turns than can possibly be explained in this brief forum. Needless to say the quest for the FAB is just one part of the story. There’s also an artificial intelligence to be dealt with along with what may be a rogue tech company. Sounds like a party doesn’t it? Well,  to find out all that’s going on, you will need to read Storyworld’s FAB Book 1: Pandora when it comes out on June 6th.

A Spy Thriller with a Twist

In crafting this story, Ramzee definitely take some cues from other genres and melds them in nicely. There is a reference made by Marcia about the possibility of the Eagle “flashing” a light stick in her eyes to make her forget what she had seen. A nice homage to Men in Black. There is also an element that might remind one of Persons of Interest. I leave it for you to discern that comparison. Needless to say, Ramzee keeps the reader guessing right up until the end of Book 1. When combined with the distinct art and colorwork of Stefano Simeone, it tells an action packed story that is sure to please those who love a spy thriller with a twist. Look for it on June 6th where great comics are sold.

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