Djinn Hunter

In the land of the Djinn, the MageHound has many titles, “Hand of the Council”, “Hunter Against Darkness” , “Warden of Order” , and “Keeper of Balance.” In spite of these titles and great responsibilities, the one thing the MageHound called Zara did not have, was the power to control her own heart. For it was her love for the Sorceress Samira that became her down fall. Because Zara refused to reveal the whereabouts of Samira to the Council, they stripped her of her powers and locked her away. At least until one of their number went rogue. Elder Abyss was against the Djinn using their abilities to grant wishes to mere mortals. He also found many lower Djinn who also believed as he does.  Now, the council, who cannot take actions against a fellow Elder without throwing the Realm into an even bigger unbalance, needs Zara’s help. This is Blackbox Comics Djinn Hunter#1 by Jay Sandlin and Fabrizio Consentino

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A Possible Parole

It is for that reason, that they bring her from her cell. An opportunity for her to regain her powers and once again be a MageHound. They need her to go after Abyss and to return his mantle. Capturing it into a vessel and bringing it to the council.  However, she will be without any of her fellow Hounds as Zara is the last of her kind. Naturally, Zara is skeptical that she has any chance against an Elder without more assistance. How can they expect her to succeed when all of her brethren did not?

The Council assures her that she will not be without aid. They are sending along a Phoenix named Bennu to aid her in her search. Bennu can detect the magical energies of the Elders as well as possessing the powers of life and rebirth. Bennu sees himself as her “devoted Attaché.” Zara, for her part, see’s Bennu as merely a Parole Officer on her hunt.

Conditions of the Hunt

Regardless, before she agrees to take on the job, Zara has conditions. Number one, if she succeeds and returns Abyss mantle to them, she will receive time off her sentence. Number 2, no matter the outcome, she will never reveal Samira’s whereabouts. Her security is her first priority. The Elders fail to see the logic in Zara not taking advantage of the powers of the Sorceress, but they agree to her stipulations. So, with these conditions now in place, Bennu detects a powerful Djinn Magic source in one of the nearby Realms. It could lead to Abyss. Their hunt has commenced and so has Djinn Hunter #1 by Blackbox Comics.


I am forever a sucker for a bad ass woman. One only look at my wife to understand that. So it goes without saying that when I saw Djinn Hunter, I would be intrigued. And after reading issue one, my faith has not been misplaced. Even before her Djinn powers were restored, Zara made it clear she wouldn’t be taking shit from no one. Even from the Elders who could have easily dispatched her without a thought. As written by Jay Sandlin, Zara also displays a great affection and protectiveness for the Sorceress Samira, even IF she might not feel that way about her. The whereabouts and disposition of Samira was a nonstarter as far as her willingness to assist the Elders. Physically and emotionally strong. As a I said, complete Bad Ass, courtesy of Jay Sandlin.

This book is Artist Fabrizio Cosentino’s US debut. All I can ask is where have you been Fabrizio? Consentino‘s art has all the attributes I like. Fine detailed lines, innovative panel usage, impressive splash panels, and in his case, vibrant color palettes. Added together, it is an impressive debut and hopefully just the first of many we will see from this artist.

Blackbox Comics Djinn Hunter #1 hits shelves on July 28th. Be sure to check out Blackbox’s latest coming hit where great comics are sold.

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