It’s Love Life day! As previously reported, HBOMax decided that it would release new episodes of Love Life in batches, rather than one episode per week. That means today episodes four through six were made available. This bundle of episodes showed that this series was more than just a light-hearted romantic story. Real character development and serious points were highlighted. Especially episode six, which, honestly; has left me a bit speechless.

After her hook up with Danny Two Phones, Darby (Anna Kendrick) decided to be a typical twenty-something-year-old and play the field a bit. She’s in New York City, single, and ready to mingle. Corny, I know. What is happening, though; is also the progression of her career. Which, I honestly loved. I love that the show made Darby relatable and a bit “derpy” (as Sara says) in the beginning episodes, but also shows her growing into a successful career woman. It’s very apparent that this show is more than just about Darby’s “love life” and more about her learning to love herself.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 4

In this episode, I would like to say that it’s focused more on Jim and Sara’s relationship than Darby’s new beau, Magnus. I really like what the series shows with Jim and Sara. I think anyone who has been in a longterm relationship can relate to them. As two people who have been together for s while and in their “party years”, I think it’s natural that as time goes on that one side will want to try to stay in that little bubble of “newness” while the other looks towards a more serious connection. When people first start dating, they yearn for the comfortability that comes from years of being together. But longterm couples can sometimes miss that spark of when you first date. I think that Jim and Sara’s relationship was crafted very well for that reason.

Episode 5

Episode five was a pause in the Magnus and Darby story, but definitely explained a lot about who Darby is. We had gotten a brief explanation as to her upbringing in the beginning of this season, but episode five gave a bigger picture. Darby is fun-loving and a wonderful friend, but does have a problem with feeling like she is worthy of love. Episode 5 starts out as a bit of a normal story of high school flings and heartbreak. But, there is something that happens that definitely laid the foundation of how she would feel in future relationships. This episode also lends to episode 6 and what transpires.

Episode 6

It should be warned that episode 6 deals with a lot more serious topic than showcased in previous episodes. While Love Life has been fun and light-hearted, episode 6 takes a more intense turn. It’s incredibly real and raw, but there is also mention of suicide. So, please keep this in mind. Darby and Magnus are what happens when you dive into a huge commitment when not sure if it’s the right thing. Also, when you think that it’s going to fix everything. The problems are still there; putting a bandaid on it did nothing. Regardless, the ending of this episode really dug into something personal for me and I think a lot of people will feel some semblance of this as well. I really have to applaud Anna Kendrick and the writers for crafting this part of the story and leaving me with a pit in my stomach.

What did you think of Love Life episodes 4 through 6.

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