Henry Cavill Talks His Love of Playing Superman and Being Happy For Zack Snyder

In an interview with Variety, Henry Cavill talks about why he loves and why it is important to play the character of Superman. This is what Henry had to say,

“I’ve always been a fan of Superman,” said Cavill, who is 37. “With a character like that, you carry the mantle with you off set. And it becomes part of your public representation. When you meet children, children don’t necessarily see me as Henry Cavill, but they might see Superman, and there’s a responsibility which comes with that. Because it’s such a wonderful character, it’s actually a responsibility I’m happy to have, and I hope that I get to play more of Superman in years to come.

“My life has changed dramatically because of it,”

Cavill continues,

“And it has given me plenty of opportunity for roles, and yeah, it’s been one of those characters which changed the entire course of my career. I’m incredibly grateful for it, and it’s also taught me a lot about myself.”

“He’s so good, he’s so kind, and when you start to compare yourself to him because you’re playing him, you start to really look inwards,” Cavill said. “You say, ‘Am I a good person? Can I be a good enough person to play Superman?’ And if you ever hear a whisper in there which is like, ‘Hmm, hold on a second. Maybe not,” then you adjust it, and you make sure you are a better person. I think that’s all we can do in life.”

Cavill was even asked about his thoughts on Zack Snyder finally getting to release his version of Justice League,

“I’m just really happy that Zack got to realize his vision. I think it’s important for a filmmaker & storyteller to have their intended vision released & shown to the world. I’m looking forward to seeing it. It’s been quite the ordeal”

When I first read this interview it put a big smile on my face because of how much Henry Cavill cared for the character of Superman and it shows in Man of Steel. Also, Henry Cavill wants to play Superman more made me smile even harder. Warner Brother has to make a Man of Steel Sequel and after this interview, we might get that announcement pretty soon. That it will happen; maybe DC FanDome!

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this interview with Henry Cavill?  Let me know in the comments below.

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