Roku Press Release:

“Our distribution contract with Fox Corp. is set to expire on Jan. 31 so Fox channels were removed from the Roku Channel Store,” the company tweeted in response to an inquiry. “You can view Fox programming ,including the big game, through Fubo, Sling, Hulu Live, YouTube TV and other ways. Many of these services offer a free trial.”

That is the reason why if you go into the ROKU App Store you won’t find FOX. People that want a simple way of finding and watching the big game it does hurts them. They will have to seek out the services above which are not a bad idea. I am a cord cutter and have been for almost a year. I love cord-cutting and actually I would tell everyone they should try it as it’s a great way to cut on the excess and yet still be able to do and see the shows they want to really see. Also too might give us a chance to do things with family and friends. Always a good thing.

I do have another way and it’s pretty cheap. It’s simple, quick and easy. This only works though if you have a flat-screen. If you are still watching on an old school tv and or first HD tv this probably won’t work. If FOX isn’t broadcasted right you may have trouble picking it up. All you need is a paper clip and a tv remote.

Take the paperclip and proceed to bend the end of the paperclip. Insert the paperclip into the co-axel. It’s where you would screw in the cable back when we use to get cable. If it’s labeled it should say tv.

Next,  is taking the remote and turning on the tv. Do a quick channel search and see what you can get. You should hopefully get something. If you get the channel but not FOX then you’ll have to go and get an actual antenna but make sure it has a booster or you’ll just end up with the same channels. If the antenna doesn’t have a booster built into it then you will have to make the separate purchase. It’s generally sitting next to the television antenna in the electronic section. It looks like a power box for a computer.

It’s just another avenue on how to find and maybe a cheap way to actually watch the game. Now all you have to do is worry about the kids and keeping them entertained. Not to mention the food and sides! You can at least watch the game. Enjoy your Super Bowl and go Chiefs.




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