Okay, let’s recap some of the events from the first three episodes.

  • The Guardians of the Globe, with the help of Omni-Man, thwart the Mauler Twins’ plans to kill the President
  • Mark tries to impress a classmate named Amber
  • Mark’s powers finally appear and he jumps right into trying to be a hero, naming himself Invincible
  • Marks dad, Omni-Man brutally murders the Guardians and ends up in a coma
  • The Global Defense Agency (GDA) works with superheroes to keep the world safe and are now investing the murders
  • We meet the Teen Team and member Atom Eve who is also a classmate of Mark’s
  • A Demon Investigator named Damien Darkblood begins to do his own investigation of the murders
  • Mark teams up with the Teen Team to defeat beings from another dimension
  • Omni-Man is under suspicion by both the GDA and Darkblood
  • Atom Eve’s boyfriend and Teen Team teammate, Rex Splode cheats on her with another teammate named Dupli-Kate
  • Head of the GDA, Cecil wants Teen Team leader, Robot to hold tryouts and form a new Guardians of the Globe
  • Omni-Man doesn’t Mark to join the new team
  • Mark attempts to date Amber while hiding his hero identity
  • Someone frees the Mauler Twins from confinement and the clone twin kills the original

I think I covered it all. The first three episodes were without a doubt a wild ride and a bloody, deceptive good time. I think it’s safe to say that almost everyone has something to hide and I’m not entirely sure whose motives are pure. Omni-Man is constantly acting suspiciously and not just because he’s a murderer. Cecil just doesn’t give off a trustworthy vibe, government suits never do. Mark is hiding his superhero nature from Amber, which is to be expected. And Robot not only moves in the shadows but he keeps hinting that there is something more to his past. Actually, the only person I trust is the demon. This new episode gets deeper into the lies and coverups.

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Episode 4: Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out

Now that Mark is starting to hit his stride with balancing being a student, boyfriend, and superhero, he is ready for more chances to prove himself. His relationship with Amber is still alive and he seems optimistic about everything that is going on. This time around a special assignment arises and Mark volunteers himself to the dismay of his father. What he doesn’t know is that there was an ulterior motive behind the request by Cecil. While on this solo mission, Nolan and Debbie attempt to rekindle their somewhat fractured marriage. Also, the Mauler clone that got freed is up to something that looks seemingly obvious but as he says, “We have a benefactor, it seems.” therefore something big seems to be in the works. All I can think about during the episode is when are we going to find out why Omni-Man is acting so strangely. When he murdered the Guardians, did he feel threatened by them or not needed? When Mark got his powers, why did he hit him so hard with a look of disdain on his face? Does he want to be Earth’s only defender or is there a more nefarious reason behind his actions? It seems that with great power, you can do whatever the hell you want. I mean if he’s as powerful as he seems, why even hide any wrongdoings? Who is going to stop you?

Photo Credit: Amazon Prime
Photo Credit: Amazon Prime

Mark’s secret mission doesn’t quite go as planned but learns of a tremendous threat that could threaten civilization. And while all this is happening Darkblood is getting closer to the truth but it seems that no one wants the truth to see the light of day. Who can really be trusted? It’s starting to look like no one. While this feels like a bit of a filler episode there are monumental things that take place at the beginning and end that will alter everything going forward. Just like the previous episodes, it’s filled with a great soundtrack, great animation, and great writing.

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Runtime: 44m

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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