After last week we know that Invincible is good at two things, being in the right place and getting his ass kicked. Mark has seen more blood than Red Cross, too bad it’s his own blood and not his enemies. To say he needs more training is an understatement, however, we’ve seen flashes of what he can be and what I’m sure we’ll see as he progresses. His best friend, William now knows he is a superhero and honestly, I’m surprised he didn’t tell him from the beginning. And I’m sure we saw the Amber breakup coming. She had been over all the lying and ghosting, all she needed was a reason and he gave it to her. Now, Mark has two options, tell her the truth or let the relationship die? Also, with the connection Mark has with Eve, could she be a new love interest?

Photo Credit: Prime Video
Photo Credit: Prime Video

Episode 7: We Need To Talk

“There’s so much you don’t know, Mark.”

Sheeeeesh! I love this show. As of now, this is my favorite episode. Let’s be real, I’ll probably end up saying the same thing next week. At least I hope so. Secrets are exposed, truths are revealed, corpses are reanimated, and Mark gets beat up – again. This episode begins as you would expect, Mark’s life is in shambles and he is willing to do anything to fix it. However, being the sometimes irrational teenager that he is, he may just quit or pull an Eve. Everything he’s dreamed of having is crumbling around him. However, he’s not the only one having issues. His father is also in the hot seat after Debbie got her confirmation that Nolan did in fact murder the original Guardians of the Globe. But why? The reasoning no longer makes a difference to Cecil as Nolan kills someone he shouldn’t. Now, Omni-Man faces everything the GDA has to offer in response, including some familiar foes. Not only does he show how invincible he possibly is, but the whole world sees the monstrous side of him that he’s been hiding, including Mark.

Now, he has some real explaining to do. Meanwhile, Robot’s plans finally come to fruition in huge fashion but not everyone is as ecstatic or impressed as he thought they’d be. We also find out what his actual name is and how he has a newly found relation to Rex. The question still remains, is Robot on the side of benevolence or is he simply an opportunistic genius? Furthermore, the Mauler Twins always seem to catch a break or slip through the cracks. This episode is an extremely action-packed, edge-of-the-seat thrill ride. It rivals the first episode and I think it wins. It’s more violent, just as bloody, and I enjoyed the sci-fi aspect. If Omni-Man is made to be a villain, will there be any heroes left? Nevertheless, the Rudy revelation is probably the biggest takeaway for me. I won’t spoil it.

Photo Credit: Prime Video
Photo Credit: Prime Video

Mark could be the only person that is capable of stopping his father, but would he want to? After a light team up, he may go the way of Omni-Man and do what he wants seemingly with impunity. I mean there are repercussions for Omni-Man’s actions, but realistically who is going to enforce them? He can slice you like bread. Again, I’m left with many questions: Will Nolan finally tell Mark the whole truth? What will become of their family? Will Mark’s hero identity stay a secret now that his friends know? What happened to the astronaut that fused with the Sequid? Will Ka-Hor escape the tomb since he was awoken? And now that Black Samson got his powers back, what are they? And many many more.

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Runtime: 48m

Rating: 5 out of 5

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