Damn! It’s over already. It feels like just yesterday that many of us were wondering who Invincible was and now we are all infatuated with this turbulent ride. Last week was the wildest episode yet and things really got interesting. We finally got the reveal as to what Robot, or should I say Rudy had been planning all along. Hopefully, Monster Girl falls for him or he may go down in history as the simp supreme. And Nolan began to unravel, showing the world a glimpse as to who he really is. We also have seen throughout the season that being a superhero comes with its fair share of issues. It makes some want to quit, while some like Eve would rather help people in different ways. But the attention grabber was undoubtedly the battle between Cecil and Omni-Man. Of course, Cecil himself is no match for Nolan the powerful, but he has at his fingertips seemingly unlimited resources. He even recruited DA Sinclair’s talents for making super-strong androids, but nothing worked. The 400 billion dollar space laser didn’t work nor did the newly reanimated corpse of The Immortal, he simply ended up in multiple pieces again with a hole in his midsection. There was a moment where it was almost a wrap for Omni-Man as he faced off against the giant Cthulhu-like beast he had faced previously. Unfortunately, for an unknowing Mark, he saves his father, an action he will later regret.

Pictured: Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson) Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Episode 8: Where I really come from

“… and I don’t care if I live a fuckin’ million years, this is my home and I won’t let you destroy it.”

Last week I predicted that this episode would be the next to eclipse the others as my favorite, and dammit it did just that. This is an epic end to an epic season. If this episode doesn’t have you yelling, oh shit, or gee-willikers, then you’re either a hater or perhaps a reader of the source material. Either way, the sheer intensity, brutality, and phenomenally terrifying acting of J.K. Simmons will have you on the edge of your seat. We get the answer to our most burning question, why did Omni-Man kill The Guardians of the Globe? Moreover, we learn what it means to be a Viltrumite. Not only that but the truth as to why this ultra-powerful Viltrumite came to Earth in the first place is also revealed. The Viltrum Empire is mentioned as is The Coalition of Planets, both of which I’m sure we’ll see and learn more about in the next two seasons. But back to the action. It takes place on land, air, and sea and is some of the bloodiest brawls we’ve seen so far. Some of it was giving me big DBZ vibes.

The subway scene is one of the craziest and creative things I’ve seen in animation and the mountain scene is both sad and barbaric. Both are scenes that will be forever shared, talked about, and referenced. Omni-Man’s savage and cold nature is on full display. It also features some of the most vehement dialogue you’ll hear and it is delivered in such a chilling way. To juxtapose, while all that takes place, Debbie more than ever is the symbol of humanity as is Mark as he takes a stand and that same humanity is threatened. This episode is also filled with an abundance of heart. It comes not only from our punching bag of a hero but from all sides, all except one. Furthermore, I may have been wrong about Cecil all along but I still don’t fully trust a man with a building full of secrets. Well, at least not until I get a Nick Fury-esque backstory. With the new Guardians of the Globe looking more and more like a team, Mark gaining a new circle of trust, Cecil needing a new protector of Earth, the villains preparing for something big, and Invincible having more to fight for than ever, season 2 will be exhilarating.

Pictured (left): Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson)
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Now showing us an established rogue galley of villains, a familiar face from outer space, and huge lingering questions and threats, the future of the show is more interesting than ever. With Invincible being renewed for two more seasons, I cant wait to see where the story goes. Not only has this been an exciting and satisfying season but is now on my list of favorite shows.

What are your thoughts on this season 1 finale as well as the season as a whole? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Twitter and grab a shirt or two from our merch store. Stay safe and enjoy.

Runtime: 44m

Rating: 5 out of 5

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