Considering 2016’s Suicide Squad was essentially DC’s Cinematic version of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, it makes sense that James Gunn was brought in to direct the second Suicide Squad film. Only this time, fans are hoping to do away with the negative connotations that surround 2016’s film with Gunn entering the arena, especially now that filming has officially begun. With such a large ensemble for a cast, Gunn has a lot of room to play and apparently, he’s doing just that.

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According to an answer Gunn gave during a Q&A on Instagram, Gunn revealed that The Suicide Squad is the most fun he’s had on a movie:

gunn suicide squad fun

“They’re all challenging. Super was physically brutal – so much movie and so little time to shoot it. [Guardians of the Galaxy] Vol. 1 was scary because I didn’t know if people would get the vibe. [Guardians of the Galaxy] Vol. 2 was the hardest because of my mental state. [The Suicide] Squad is the most complex and biggest but also the most fun so far. So I guess overall Vol. 2.”

While you may pick this quote as a means to divide the line further between Marvel and DC, remember what Gunn had previously tweeted about the two factions:

“As I’ve said so many times, at the end of the day, Marvel & DC fans have a lot more in common than they do not. I am now & have been for almost all my life, both. Maybe you like one more than the other – that’s cool – but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them all or that you have to tear the other down… I know I & my partners at both Marvel & DC believe what’s good for one studio is generally good for all: spurring each other on daily with heartfelt, spectacular & innovative entertainment that keeps audiences around the world loving movies based on or inspired by sequential art… Let’s go, team(s).”

The Suicide Squad will hit theaters on August 6, 2021. Gunn will be returning to also direct the third Guardians of the Galaxy, surely making every Marvel fan happy that Gunn gets to complete his GotG trilogy.

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