Fans have been pretty much split on Jared Leto’s portrayal of the Joker in 2016’s Suicide Squad since its initial release. Some were intrigued by his take on the clown prince of crime. Others, thought it strayed too far. But one thing was for certain, it was not enough screen time for the character. Because he only saw about 10 minutes total.

However, if you ask film Director David Ayer, fans never really saw Leto’s true performance. He spoke of this in a recent Twitter post. He was commenting on Leto’s support of the recent Release the Ayer Cut movement. This is a push by fans to get Ayer’s original vision of his Suicide Squad film. Part of that vision would be to restore Leto’s more prominent part of the film.

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With the success of the Release the Snyder Cut movement, it seems Ayers film is next in line to be given fans attention. Because it worked for Zack Snyder, perhaps it will work for David Ayers. I, for one, would be most intrigued to see what the original plan was for Leto’s Joker. Apparently, so does Jared Leto.

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