Just How Awesome Is 5G and Why It Is More Important Than You Think

By now you have all heard about 5G. Android has been running it on their devices for some time now while Apple introduced it for their new iPhones in the fall of 2020. 5G comes with a ton of conspiracy theories as well. The government is using it to turn us into zombies or cause sickness. There are a ton of them out there, trust me, and we are not here to cover conspiracies. But yes, 5G is safe!

The truth is 5G is a game changer in the world of information technology. It is the next best thing that will do far more than power your cell phone so you can scroll Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat. Though it can do all of that. It is going to give you the power you need to finish that viral TikTok video or even upload one of your own while you are camped out in the woods.  But 5G is much more than that.

What is 5G? Well it is the 5th generation of wireless technology. You might still be on 4G but soon everything around you will be powered by 5G. It provides much higher speeds than 4G as it can deliver up to 20 Gbps or Gigabits-per-second. 5G has more data capacity than 4G which allows it to support an increase in traffic capacity up to 100 times. It also allows for lower latency which helps to deliver data more instant. If you have a 5G phone, check your speed while using it by going here Speedcheck, and then compare it to a 4G phone using the same Speedcheck service.

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You might be saying or thinking, ‘Yes, we know this already!’, and if you do then that is great. Let’s talk about why it is important. As an avid gamer, 5G is huge! It allows me to play or stream games over wireless with much more reliability and to get information in real time. If you are a video content creator it means your can process that video much faster to upload for your fans. You have to make that money and time waits for no one.

It is going to help directors and cinematographers on movie and television sets utilize new and exciting technology to bring a better experience when filming.

5G is going to be a game changer when it comes to VR. 5G according to some will explore VR’s true potential and enhance your experience.  It is also going to unlock the true potential for drones. Drones are not just a hobby and business are using drones more and more now days.

This new technology is going to power self driving cars and deliver information to them with lightning speed. Uber and Google both are looking to use 5G to help automate their self driving cars.  CNET says that many people do not think automated cars would have been truly possible without 5G. I am still not convinced I want a car driving me around with no actual driver.

The medical field is going to see a boost by using 5G. The new technology allows for surgeons to do surgery remotely. Using special devices such as remote gloves powered by 5G, a surgeon may no longer have to be in the area as the patient. This could be life saving for many.

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Many business are using the BYOD or bring your own device to work and having the power of 5G allows for you to better get your work done. Also many computer makers are using a smaller format which does not allow for a ethernet port, which means you must connect via WIFI. Unless you happen to have a USB to ethernet dongle. The fact is, we live in a busy world and we cannot afford to be tied down with wires and cables. Wireless technology is the present and the future. 5G is going to make sure that for the next decade at least that we stay connected and we are going experience technology like we have never experienced before.


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