While fans across the globe are thrilled to have scored a huge victory in helping get Zack Snyder’s Justice League completed, it seems this will be a one and done. A new report from Umberto Gonzalez with The Wrap says HBOMax told Snyder that additional dialogue would be fine but no reshoots.

“There’s not going to be any reshoots of any kind with any actors. It’s just additional dialogue. Here’s something that hasn’t been reported yet: (Snyder) did want to shoot and he wanted to do additional photography but HBO Max said no, that’s not happening. We’ll give you money for post-production, for special effects, for scoring, and even ADR but no reshoots of any kind on this movie.”

Fans, including myself hoped this meant that we would see Ben Affleck return as Batman for additional scenes but that won’t be the case. Ray Fisher was called by Snyder for possible reshoots but that might just be more dialogue as Umberto reports.

“This movie is basically one and done, This is to…close the loop, to finish the story. Maybe not the whole story, cause he did have like a three to five-picture plan. But this Snyder-verse, I’ll call it, will end with the Snyder Cut. Don’t expect any spinoffs for Batman or with Ben Affleck as Batman or any of that.”

Henry Cavill is apparently nearing a new deal with Warner Bros to return as Superman though. Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa are all signed on still and have films in the works. Gal’s Wonder Woman 1984 will release in August.  Snyder does have a ton of footage filmed that has yet to be seen.

Zoic Studios is reportedly doing the VFX work on the film which will see Steppenwolf returned to Snyder’s original design.

Robert Pattinson stepped into the shoes of Batman and is set to return to filming once the studio gives the green light. I’d love to see Affleck return as well but the actor has for sure moved on from the role and this report confirms he won’t be wearing the cape any time soon.

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h/t: ComicBook

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